Read it Again: Week of Aug. 1, 2002


80 years ago this week. The 1920 U.S. Census found that slightly less than three-tenths of the U.S. population actually live on farms. The percentage is 29.9. Of the total U.S. population, nearly one-half was found in rural territory, but only about 61 percent of the rural residents live on farms. The rest of the rural residents live in villages.

Four troops of the Ohio National Guard were mobilized to patrol the mining district near Pomeroy in Meigs County. Governor Davis said the troops were mobilized as a precautionary measure and not because of any immediate disturbance on account of the coal strike.

50 years ago this week. Trench silos are becoming an important method of preserving ensilage and is more convenient than the stack method, which is wasteful.

Trench silos are simple, rectangular holes in the ground that have been scooped out with a bulldozer. Most of these are drive-thru silos.

The material must be packed as it is placed in the silo. Run the tractor back and forth over the ensilage after every load is emptied. This should also be continued for four or five days after the silo is completely filled.

A covering is needed over the trench. One example is a layer of sawdust, and another is a dirt covering, then a layer of Sisalcraft paper and then a 3- or 4-inch top layer of fine-ground limestone.

25 years ago this week. Dan Simmons of Peace Valley Orchards has patented a new variety of apple called Laws Spur. Orders for more than a million trees have already been taken. Spur varieties are well known in the orchard industry and have been found for some varieties.

The main feature of the spur type is that the innernodes are closer together, meaning that branches have more leaves and closer branches. The tree bears fruit earlier which fits in with dwarfing rootstocks and closer planting. The tree doesn’t get as big and there are apples all along the branches. Since there isn’t a big canopy of leaves on the outside of the tree, apples in the center will color up like those on the outside.

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