Read it Again: Week of Aug. 29, 2002


80 years ago this week. Clayton Loomis, a farmer near Randolph in Portage County, has sued Ravenna city for $50,750, for damages sustained when he alleges the city allowed three men to fire an anvil the night of Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918. He alleges that his right leg was amputated because of injuries received.

Harvey Sommers of Louisville threshed 848 bushels of oats from a 12-acre field, a little more than 70 bushels to an acre. It was of the Great Dane variety.

The U.S. Coal Company optioned the Waugh and Cole farms near Smithfield, Ohio, planning to start a new mining town. It is proposed to extend the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad here from Bradley.

50 years ago this week. Brucellosis, or undulant fever, has been the dairy industry’s most costly disease, according to the Columbiana County Dairymen’s Council progress report.

One of every 75 farmers in Columbiana County has had undulant fever on his or her farm. Economic losses to herd owners have been tremendous.

Farmers are urged to continue Ring and blood tests of suspected herds, use calf vaccinations, dispose of infected cattle promptly and apply county-wide blood testing for accreditation of county when infection has been largely stamped out.

25 years ago this week. Trumbull County officials are feuding with gas well drillers. It is claimed that heavy machinery of the drilling rigs has ruined Trumbull County roads and the drillers should pay for the damage, according to county engineer Edward Reiser.

As a result of actions of the county engineer and county commissioner, drilling has almost come to a halt in the county. Oversize truck permits are being denied. An attorney representing several of the independent drillers says his clients should not have to pay all the costs. He has offered the county $1,000 for road damage for each new well, which officials have said is not enough.

The Ohio Legislature will be asked to assign an additional tax from oil and gas well land to county revenue to help roads.

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