Read it Again: Week of Aug.31, 2001


80 years ago this week. A Coolrite mechanical milk cooler was shown for the first time at the Kinsman fair and is slated to be shown at the Warren fair and Canfield Fair. It operates by the compression of ethel (sic) chloride through a set of coils, circulating in a conical shaped milk cooler and from there is pumped into a series of cooling coils. H.M. Sprecher of Youngstown is the inventor. It is operated by either gasoline motor or electric motor.

Two hundred livestock owners and employees near the cattle barns at the Ohio State Fair took ill and 100 of them were sent to Columbus hospitals, following a lunch served free by an exhibitor. Physicians believe the illness was caused by ptomaine poisoning, present in either the meat or pickles served.

50 years ago this week. Three FFA’ers from western Pennsylvania will represent the state at the national FFA livestock judging competition: Peter Pitera, Slippery Rock, Butler County; Donald McCreight, Elders Ridge, Indiana County; and Bradley Eisiminger, Waynesburg, Greene County. Walter Hess, vo-ag teacher at Slippery Rock will accompany the team.

25 years ago this week. At least two milk handlers in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania are behind on payments – to the tune of at least $1 million – to milk marketing organizations and are the subject of several court suits. National Farmers Organization filed suit against Keystone-Harmony of Pennsylvania for $450,000 for milk used and not paid for. A new suit has also been filed against Beverly Milk Company of Alliance, Ohio, and Greenville, Pa., for $600,000. The market administrator has also “compliance actions” in process for more than $400,000.


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