Read It Again – Week of Jan. 18, 2001


80 years ago this week.

Warden Thomas of the Ohio penitentiary announced that four prisoners who dug a tunnel to within a few feet of the outer walls will be compelled to fill it with the dirt they removed, and will be forced to use the tin can lids with which they removed it, as shovels.

Youngstown Packing and Provisions offered the following hog quotations: 75-100 pounds, 9-3/4 cents; 125-150 pounds, 9-1/2 cents; 150-200 pounds, 9-3/4 cents; 200-250 pounds, 9 cents; 250 pounds and up, 9 cents.

50 years ago this week.

The Salem Farmers’ Institute will meet for the 20th time on Jan. 17 and 18, under the supervision of the Granges in the Salem area. State speakers are Mrs. Paul H. Pfeiffer, Kenton, Ohio, and Reinhold Wobus, Sidney, Ohio. Mr. Wobus is pastor of Spring Creek Christian Church and is active in Grange and Farm Bureau affairs. He has made a study of the problems which confront the farmer, the farmer’s family, and the public in general. He will speak on “The Fine Art of Living Together.”

As an incentive to increase attendance, door prizes will be awarded at the first session only. First prize is $7.

25 years ago this week.

A group of farmers in Ashtabula County are alarmed at the great increases in farm taxes, and they formed a committee to Columbus to complain to Governor James Rhodes. The initials of their protest group spells ACTION.

Rep. John Kellog and Senator David Johnson arranged the meeting, and the governor listened with sympathy and understanding. He was told that evaluations went up 100 to 400 percent, with a few even higher. The meeting in his office lasted two hours.

Jack R. Rostintoski led the group, and other ACTION members making the trip were Loren Ring, Monroe; Harold Babb, Andover; Arlie Mills, Cherry Valley, and Marvin Chronister, Orwell. Chronister was an appraiser under County Auditor George A. Smith.


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