Read it Again: Week of July 12, 2001.


80 years ago this week.

At the Ohio Experiment Station, the Gladden wheat variety has a 12-year average of 37 bushels. This is closely followed by Portage and Trumbull varieties, which averaged 36 and 35 bushels, respectively.

The following milk prices were offered by the Dairymen’s Cooperative Sales Co. in Pittsburgh: $1.90 per hundred pounds of milk at receiving stations; 24 cents per gallon, 3.5 milk, shipped f.o.b. Pittsburgh; 26-1/2 cents per gallon, untested milk, shipped f.o.b. Pittsburgh.

50 years ago this week.

A brand new 4-H activity that is meeting with widespread popularity among girl members is the Better Grooming program. Notwithstanding that this program was offered only two months ago, a majority of the states already have accepted it. Basic good grooming, which involves cleanliness and neatness, improves appearance, and thus contributes to good health, as to look better is to feel better. Attractive appearance also serves to develop poise and confidence in teen-age girls.

25 years ago this week.

The Oregon State Supreme Court says Boy Scouts do not have to admit girls. The court held that Oregon’s public accommodations law does not give 9-year-old Carla Schwenk the right to force the Boy Scouts to admit her. The girl had sued the Boy Scouts of America when the Columbia-Pacific council in the Portland area refused to accept her application on grounds of her sex.

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