Read it Again: Week of May 22, 2003.


80 years ago this week. Ohio is among the nation’s industrial leaders. Her factory output of $5 billion ranks third in the nation. The state produces nearly one-half of all the country’s rubber goods; leads in soap and pottery and is second in automobiles. The yearly mineral output is $134 million and the annual crop in the Buckeye State exceeds $6 billion, ranking fourth.

Ohio State University dairy feeding schools reached 4,000 dairymen last year. The 150 meetings were held in various communities around the state and had an average attendance of about 25 pupils.

50 years ago this week. The board of health announces the termination of the quarantine on dogs in the General Health District of Columbiana County.

This quarantine order of the board of health placed in effect July 21, 1952, was worded to end 90 days following the last reported case of rabies. Since the ordinance became effective, 16 cases of proven animal rabies have been reported. These cases have been confined entirely to the wildlife and larger domesticated animals of the community.

The last reported case was a gray fox from Center Township Feb. 9, 1953.

25 years ago this week. Ohio Farmers Union president Virgin Thompson reported that the national union urged Congress this week to fund and implement a proposed federal monitoring program on foreign investment in United States farm land. Appearing before the Senate committee on commerce, National Farmers Union legislative director Reuben Johnson cited estimates that foreign investors may have acquired as must as $1 billion in farmland in 1977.


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