Read it Again: Week of May 3, 2001.


80 years ago this week.

Beginning May 1, 1921, Ohio will begin paying a third of the loss incurred in the slaughter of tubercular cattle. The federal government will pay one-third and the farmers must lose the other third. Prior to this, the state had been paying two-thirds of the loss. For purebreds, the maximum appraisal value of cattle has been cut to $200 from $225 and for grade cattle to $75, from $100.

50 years ago this week.

Although Dolly tried her darnedest last year, her kids turned out to be nothing more than triplets. But this year, by redoubling her efforts and concentrating on the job at hand, she glorified motherhood by giving birth to quadruplets. In goat circles this is something of a rarity. On only one other occasion since 1936 has one of Evelyn Hubbard’s goats performed this feat. Although this was for Dolly life’s crowning achievement, she modestly refused to boast of her triumph. When interviewed for the press, Dolly demurely replied: “Shucks, t’weren’t nothing’. It sort of runs in the family … my mammy had quads too!”

25 years ago this week.

The three major candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination all bowed to union pressure last week and refused to cross an illegal picket line. Jimmy Carter, Henry Jackson and Morris Udall all canceled appearances at the Washington convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors because striking technicians of the National Broadcasting Co. were picketing outside the Shoreham Hotel in what was an illegal secondary boycott. Only Hubert Humphrey, still an unannounced candidate, crossed the picket line to honor his commitment.

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