Read it Again: Week of Nov. 21, 2002


80 years ago this week. Sen. Arthur Capper of Kansas, chairman of the farm block in the Senate, is polling rural America on the following propositions that will be represented in legislation pending or to come before Congress:

* Do you favor a ship subsidy?

* Do you favor the development of Muscle Shoals by Ford?

* Do you favor the repeal of Section 15-A (the rate making section) of the Cummins-Esch Act, with a view to reducing rail rates?

* Do you favor legislation to control strikes and lockouts?

* Shall the United States cancel the European debt?

50 years ago this week. The first Green Pastures award was given to Russell N. Cook of Fairfield Township, Ohio. The recognition award is given by the Columbiana County Green Pastures program.

It is a cooperative pasture improvement and utilization program that was started a year ago under the leadership of the county extension service and the Soil Conservation Service and includes most of the organizations in the county interested in good soil practices.

25 years ago this week. President Carter signed legislation raising the federal minimum wage a total of $1.05 in four annual steps. The current federal wage floor of $2.30 an hour will be raised to $2.65 by Jan. 1, 1978, and by 1981 will reach $3.35.

In another move, Carter, using his veto power for only the second time, rejected a federal rabbit meat inspection bill he considered as serving special interests and passed by Congress “for no compelling reason.” The bill would have established a new mandatory federal inspection program for domesticated rabbits and rabbit products processed for human consumption.


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