Read it Again: Week of Oct. 10, 2002


80 years ago this week. Oliver Cope, 93, of Cadiz, and John Hanna, 92, of Adena, both attended the Cadiz fair 75 years ago, and this year (1922). They divided a prize of $25 to the fair visitor who had attended the most year.

Grant Dellenbaugh, a well-known auctioneer who lives on a farm west of North Georgetown, Ohio, has installed a radiophone receiving set, believed to be one of the first placed in an eastern Ohio farm home.

Summit County crops are above average this year, but not nearing expectations producers had for the season. County Agent J.C. Hedge said wheat, averaged 19-1/2 bushels, a half bushel above the average. About 21,000 acres of wheat will be planted in the county this year.

50 years ago this week. Salem’s first drive-in banking service was inaugurated Oct. 11 by the Farmers National Bank. More than 5,000 people crowded through the bank during its open house program and were given a view of the new facilities.

The proposed plan of milk regulation in Columbiana County has been opposed by the county farm bureau.

Nelson O. Baunach, chairman of the bureau’s milk committee, explained today that the bureau voted against adoption of a milk code at the present time “until a survey is made to determine the amount of human disease in Columbiana County that could definitely be traced to milk or milk products in the past five years.”

25 years ago this week. A group of Tuscarawas and Harrison county farmers have organized the Royalty Owners Legal Fund and filed suit against Resource Exploration, Inc., for nonpayment of gas and oil royalties. Also named in the suit are East Ohio, Columbia Gas and over 25 other companies and individuals who own interests in the wells leased with landowners in the suit. Royalty payments are up to five months behind.

The oil company is also reported to have over 100 wells in Tuscarawas and Harrison counties drilled during the past three years that have not been fractured and put into production.

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