Read it Again: Week of Sept. 6, 2001


80 years ago this week. Virgil Overholt of the department of agricultural engineering at Ohio State University reports that erosion is a serious problem in 40 counties in Ohio and has ruined 80,000 acres. he recommends broad base terracing to stop the waste.

“Auto polo” was the closing feature of entertainment, following the races, at the 1921 Canfield Fair. Farm and Dairy also observed that “the exhibits of farm machinery and automotive equipment were never more attractive,” although the editor added, “a few less refreshment and eating stands and a reduction in the number of cheap side shows would have been an improvement.”

50 years ago this week. A second year bred Holstein heifer earned her laurels at the Ohio State fair last week, but had to do it the hard way. Lou-Ida Bessie Lad, shown by Mary Young, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Young of Lou-Ida Farms, Mineral Ridge, Ohio, placed third in her class in 4-H competition, after having been named grand champion 4-H heifer at the Trumbull County Fair. Disappointed, Young decided to take things in hand. Competing in an open class of 63 entries in Columbus, Bessie Lad promptly nosed out all other cows for first place honors in the state, the dream of every purebred breeder. Of the two cows that won over her in 4-H competition, one placed 14th in the open class and the other was still lower.

25 years ago this week. More than 1,500 people attended the Ohio Sheep Day at the Eastern Ohio Resource Development Center near Caldwell. The first sale of performance-tested rams was held following the sheep day. Eighty-seven rams averaged $250, with the top ram bringing $950.


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