Reader says United schools needs change



Recently, United Local’s superintendent of schools took advantage of the law enabling him to retire and be rehired immediately.

This allows him to collect benefits while continuing to work. While this is legal, it is not moral or ethical.

The county superintendent got into the act with a letter recommending retention of the United official. He cited difficulty in finding good people from “a shrinking pool of less competent applicants.”

What a ludicrous statement! Districts that have posted a vacancy for superintendent’s position have received a large number of very well-qualified applicants.

I wonder how the county superintendent was aware of United’s situation before all the school’s board members knew it.

United’s board president said the present superintendent’s experience would aid in hiring a new principal and in implementing open enrollment.

Let me remind him that not too many years ago they hired a principal via telephone. Evidently, a personal interview wasn’t necessary.

Open enrollment has been an option for a number of years and no action was taken. Perhaps the exodus of a number of United students along with their tuition money has prompted this new interest.

Results of the latest proficiency tests have not been stellar.

We were fortunate to have had two board members who chose not to play the “go-along to get-along” game.

Maybe we do need a change at United.

Frances Ann Brenner

Hanoverton, Ohio

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