Sandwiched in the Spotlights


The rain let up on New Year’s Eve, leaving the bricks of my brother’s new entry patio glistening in the moonlight. Prepared for a sleepover at Tom’s, I coaxed Dad to step out with me in our pajamas and feel the balmy night air. Appreciating the mild temperature, we gazed at the bright moon and stars.
Back inside, with Dad tucked in for the night, I listened to Tom’s replies to a “wee hours” phone call. Was it another New Year’s well-wisher? No. My brother Jim, who had headed home shortly before, broke down only minutes from home. He told us he put a new battery in his truck but still suspected trouble, and it struck just a couple miles too soon. A worn-out alternator let the truck completely drain the new battery.
My van, parked in an outside spot, was up for the rescue mission. I regretted not following a hint I’d just read in Life’s Little Instruction Book; 511 Suggestions, Observations and Reminders: #277


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