Waiting For The Slinging To Cease


Does the pre-election mud hit you like it hits me? Not a soft, warm variety that makes me ready for the spa, this mud is cold and slimy, and I have some homework to do to get polished up in time to vote. Plus, I’m carrying this resentment when I think about the hefty price paid for television airtime. That’s badly wasted money in my way of thinking.
I should turn it off, but it’s tucked around my shows. I don’t want to miss my shows.
They know this. They’ve studied where to put these dollars – around my shows. So, I’m hearing:

ZING! “… supported bad deals that sent jobs overseas.”
“… can’t he avoid campaign smears?” (Don’t I wish?)

SPLAT! “… never taken a dime in campaign contributions.”
“… refused to take federal health care until everyone in his district has it first.” (Is this comforting? No, I’m hit again!)
“… create new jobs (vote Yes).”
“…ministers unite (it’s unethical, vote NO).”

BLAM! SLOP! “… didn’t pay his taxes, but raised yours.”
“.. as parents, we want our kids to have every opportunity.” (That’s it, use the kids.)
“… spent $30 million in Northwestern Pennsylvania.”
“Ohio lost 250,000 jobs. While we feel the squeeze – politicians argue.” (Don’t they always?)

SQUISH! “These tracks [railroad] lead to half empty factories. … I’ll create new jobs.”
“She [avoided] the biggest scandal in Ohio history and then helped her friend … (What’s that about?)
“That’s leadership. That’s exactly what Ohio needs.” (If an astronaut [former] says it, I should believe it.)
“Washington is too busy with special interests to help us.”

SPLOOSH! “Don’t vote for the song and dance.” (I won’t argue with that.) Stop already! While I’m sponging off mud, I’m not feeling very proud about having the right to vote.
ZING! “Clear the air.” (Yes, let’s do.)
Don’t forget to vote. (In spite of it all.)

I’m Laurie Steeb, and I approve this message.

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