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Yearly Archives: 2020

Kym Seabolt's Christmas tree

Kym Seabolt shares some Hallmark movie sentiments to consider this season and hopes her children will always return home for the holidays.
sheep in snow

Winter not only brings snow but also brings lower temperatures. Learn how to reduce stress on your livestock with these feeding strategies.
winter fish kills

Learn more about a couple of pond management techniques that could help you avoid winter kill in your pond.
Lake Erie shore and rocks.

Near the end of the legislative session, Dec. 17, House Bill 7 passed its final vote. As the state approaches the end of the H2Ohio program’s first year, supporters say the bill will create more infrastructure for monitoring and managing those efforts. The bill establishes a State Watershed Planning and Management Program.

Marlin Clark weighs in on the grain markets just before Christmas 2020.
coffee and computer

A recent study from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania confirmed what many have been saying: rural Pennsylvanians are often getting slower internet speeds at higher prices than urban Pennsylvanians. But it also suggested that rural residents are more willing to pay for broadband than urban residents.
power lines with birds on them

A Franklin County judge blocked fees that were to be tacked onto Ohioans’ electric bills as part of the House Bill 6 $1 billion nuclear plant bailout.

Learn more about the biggest mistakes people make caring for poinsettias and how to keep yours thriving well after the holidays.
blue jay

Learn how to make a peanut butter log bird feeder and find out what birds you're likely to attract to your Northeast Ohio backyard.
cookie dough

You may love the taste of raw cookie dough or cake or brownie batter, but eating it can make you sick. Learn why uncooked ingredients aren't safe to eat.