The meaning of Christmas


By Destini Smith
Vickery, Ohio
Age 12


De was in school. It was the end of the day, right before the bell rang, when her teacher, Mrs. Dunn, said, “Don’t forget about the school Christmas play practice tomorrow.”

So when De and Taylor (De’s best friend) were walking home, De asked, “ What is so special about Christmas? Isn’t it just a day when you get presents?”

Then Taylor said, “ No, it’s the day that Jesus, our savior, was born and the day we’re supposed to spend with our family. Don’t you know that?”

De replied, “No, I have never thought about that. I just thought that it was a day when you get presents and people come over to your house.”
So De and Bri stopped in the park and Taylor started to say the story of Christmas.

“Mary and Joseph had no money so they couldn’t afford to stay in an inn. One inn keeper said, ‘I have a barn. You may stay there if you would like.’

“So Mary and Joseph went to the barn where all the animals were. Mary delivered a baby boy that night and his name was Jesus. Mary had no clothes for baby Jesus, so she wrapped him in linen and everyone who had heard came to see him that night, no matter how late it was, because he was their savior.

“They all came to visit him on Dec. 25, so that is why we celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25. And, so, from then on, he was known as the savior because he was the Son of God.”

“ So now do you understand, De?” Taylor asked.

De said, “I think so. So Christmas is the day we are suppose to celebrate Jesus’ birth.”

“Exactly,” said Taylor.

Then Taylor said, “ I can tell you more later if you want.”

De said, “ I would love that, but first I’ll race you home. Loser makes the cocoa.”

“ It’s a deal,” said Taylor, and she took off.


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