2004 beans and corn set new highs


WASHINGTON – Corn for grain production in 2004 is estimated at 11.8 billion bushels, up 17 percent from the 10.1 billion bushels produced in 2003.
The average U.S. grain yield is estimated at 160.4 bushels per acre, 0.2 bushels above the November forecast and up 18.2 bushels from 2003.
Largest on record. Both production and yield estimates are the largest on record, according to the USDA’s report released last month.
The previous record for both was set last year when production was estimated at 10.1 billion bushels and yield was 142.2 bushels per acre.
Bunches of beans. Soybean production in 2004 totaled 3.14 billion bushels, the largest U.S. soybean crop in history.
This is 28 percent above the 2003 level.
The average yield per acre is estimated at a record high 42.5 bushels, 8.6 bushels above the 2003 final yield.
Other major crops. The USDA reported all cotton production is estimated at record high 23.0 million bales, 26 percent more than last year’s production.
Yield is expected to average a record high 846 pounds per acre, up 116 pounds per acre from a year ago.
Harvested area, at 13.1 million acres, is 9 percent above 2003.
Sorghum for grain production in 2004 is estimated at 455 million bushels, 11 percent above 2003. Area harvested for grain is estimated at 6.52 million acres, down 16 percent from 2003. Average grain yield, at 69.8 bushels per acre, is 17.1 bushels above the 2003 average yield.
Rice on a roll. Rice production in 2004 totaled a record high 231 million cwt., up 15 percent from 2003. Area for harvest, at 3.33 million acres, is up 11 percent from 2003.
The average yield for all U.S. rice is estimated at 6,942 pounds per acre, 272 pounds above the 2003 yield.
This all-rice yield is the highest on record and the fifth consecutive year a new record high yield has been established.
USDA economists said the adoption of higher yielding rice varieties by producers continues to drive the increase in yields.
This report was approved on January 12, 2005.


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