2010 Columbiana County Fair junior market livestock champs named


Aug. 5 and 7, 2010
Sale Total: $323,147.43
Total Lots: 475

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Number of Market Lots: 78
Average: $1.48/pound with champions; $1.42/pound without

Grand champion: Betty Richey
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 1,343 pounds
Buyer: Salem Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Reserve champion: Leah Garwood
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 1,308 pounds
Buyer: Garwood Cattle Co.
Outstanding Youth Project*: Haley Drake
Bid: $1.75/pound Weight: 1,300 pounds
Buyer: Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
Reserve Outstanding Youth*: Hunter Urmson
Bid: $1.45/pound Weight: 1,133 pounds
Buyer: Smith Farm Supply

Rate of Gain: Kevin Kitzmiller
Junior showmanship: Mackenzie Kiko
Intermediate showmanship: Tyler Pidgeon
Senior showmanship/Showman of Showmen: Taylor Pidgeon
Junior Skillathon: Megan Drake
Intermediate Skillathon: Betty Richey
Senior Skillathon: Haley Drake


Number of Lots: 99
Average: $1.30/pound with champions; $1.27/pound without

Grand champion: Kevin Kitzmiller
Bid: $3.50/pound Weight: 641 pounds
Buyer: MAC Trailer
Reserve champion: Morgan Smallwood
Bid: $2/pound Weight: 552 pounds
Buyer: Damascus Livestock Auction

Junior showmanship: Sara Fraser
Intermediate showmanship: Laura Dickerhoof
Senior showmanship/Showman of Showmen: Andrew Ryan


Number of Lots: 29
Average: $616.38/basket with champions; $599.07 without

Grand champion: Brian Crist
Bid: $1,000/basket
Buyer: Ramsey Hoof Trimming, Larry Bock,
Schott’s Feed, Bill McKarns family
Reserve champion: Autumn Whiteleather
Bid: $700/basket
Buyer: K&S Millwrights Inc.


Number of Market Lots: 129
Average: $2.09/pound with champions; $2/pound without
Number of Carcass Lots: 2

Grand champion: Joel Fitzsimmons

Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 269 pounds

Buyer: MAC Trailer

Reserve champion: Mackenzie Kiko

Bid: $4/pound Weight: 265 pounds

Buyer: Kelly and Martha Palmer

Reserve Outstanding Youth Project (tie)*: Bryn McElroy

Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 273 pounds

Buyer: Crabb Insurance

Reserve Outstanding Youth Project (tie)*: Angela Judy

Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 272 pounds

Buyer: Skyline Diner

Grand champion carcass: Kimberly Rotellini

Bid: $5.50/pound Weight: 140 pounds

Buyer: United Rental

Reserve champion carcass: Michael Caroline

Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 164 pounds

Buyer: Hanover Farms

Junior showmanship: Hayley McElroy

Intermediate showmanship & Showman of Showmen:

Mackenzie Kiko

Senior showmanship: Brooke Riffee

Junior skillathon: Courtney Hephner

Intermediate skillathon: Travis Miller

Senior skillathon: Brooke Riffee


Number of Market Lots: 26
Average: $2.64/pound with champions; $2.27/pound without
Number of Carcass Lots: 2

Grand champion/Reserve Best Project: Hunter Urmson

Bid: $6/pound Weight: 142 pounds

Buyer: Salem Giant Eagle

Reserve champion: Mitchell Sharp

Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 138 pounds

Buyer: Kevin Wartluft Family

Champion Best Project*: Nathaniel Birkhimer

Bid: $3.25/pound Weight: 112 pounds

Buyer: Hull’s Super Duper

Grand champion carcass: Nathaniel Birkhimer

Bid: $5/pound Weight: 108 pounds

Buyer: Paris & Washington Insurance

Reserve champion carcass: Ashley Hahn

Bid: $4/pound Weight: 135 pounds

Buyer: Kelly and Martha Palmer

Junior skillathon: Megan Amos
Intermediate skillathon: Holly Baer
Senior skillathon: Ashton Unger
Junior showmanship: Courtney Cooper
Intermediate showmanship: Zachary VanHorn
Senior showmanship and Showman of Showmen: Nathaniel Birkhimer
Rate of Gain: Sierra Parks


Number of Market Lots: 18
Average: $121.11/head with champions; $110/head without

Grand champion: Brittany McKnight

Bid: $250/head Weight: 86 pounds

Buyer: Paul Wallace Feed & Drive Thru

Reserve champion: Carrie Mattevi

Bid: $170/head Weight: 76 pounds

Buyer: Kiko Meats

Rate of Gain: Sarah Crouch
Junior showmanship: Anna Paterson
Intermediate showmanship/Showman of Showmen: Brittany McKnight
Senior showmanship: Nathaniel Birkhimer


Number of Individual Fryers: 12
Number of Pens of Three: 9

Grand champion fryer: Joshua Jones

Bid: $110/head Weight: 5.49 pounds

Buyer: Kishman’s IGA

Reserve champion fryer: Rachell DeBray

Bid: $55/head Weight: 5.06 pounds

Buyer: Rogers Community Auction

Grand champion pen of three: Nathan Jones

Bid: $105/pen Weight: 14.92 pounds

Buyer: Hilltop Lawn & Garden

Reserve champion pen of three: Cody Wright

Bid: $180/pen Weight: 15.63 pounds

Buyer: Salem Propane

Novice showmanship: Emily Ferris
Junior showmanship: Lucy Baer
Intermediate showmanship: Zarah Strong
Senior showmanship/Showman of Showmen: Hannah Kelm


Number of Pens of Three: 30

Grand champion: Hannah Paynter

Bid: $540/pen Weight: 28.82 pounds

Buyer: LK Poultry

Reserve champion: Hannah Kelm

Bid: $300/pen Weight: 29.78 pounds

Buyer: Case Farms


Number of Lots: 42
Average: $114.52/head with champions; $110.25/head without

Grand champion: Kyle French

Bid: $250/head Weight: 39.80 pounds

Buyer: Millstone Farm and Garden Center

Reserve champion: Erin Roush

Bid: $150/head Weight: 32.80 pounds

Buyer: The Scott Judy Family

Auctioneers and Ringmen:

Ken Baer, Bill Baer, Wade Baer, Sam Baer, Mark Harding, Rusty Kiko, Randall Kiko, Rudy Kiko, Ralph Halter

Junior Fair Royalty:

King: Jacob Smith Queen: Lynette Sell

*The grand and reserve champion Outstanding Youth Project is based on the exhibitor’s skillathon, showmanship and live animal conformation.

2010 Columbiana County Fair market livestock sale


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