2022 Lake County Fair sale

Grand Champion Dairy Beef
Caiden Knight's grand champion dairy beef sold for $3.75/pound to Kelly Heimerman.

July 30, 2022
Sale Total: $347,248


Lots: 53 pens of two

Grand champion: Bobby Schwartz
Buyer: Scott Mihalic Auctioneers
Bid: $100/pound
Weight: 18.10 pounds

Reserve champion: Bobby Schwartz
Buyer: Demshar Family
Bid: $55/pound
Weight: 18.30 pounds


Lots: 6 pens of two

Grand champion: Marissa Muntain
Buyer: Commissioner John Plecnik
Bid: $83/pound
Weight: 18 pounds

Reserve champion: Mason VanPelt
Buyer: Kaityln Somrak
Bid: $27.50/pound
Weight: 19.60 pounds


Lots: 23 pens of two

Grand champion: Leighann Milo
Buyer: Sivon Manufacturing
Bid: $12.50/pound
Weight: 85.70 pounds

Reserve champion: Leighann Milo
Buyer: Richard & Judy Parker
Bid: $13/pound
Weight: 82.90 pounds


Lots: 20

Grand champion carcass goat: Teagan Pfeister
Buyer: Walker Bros
Bid: $11.50/pound
Weight: 52 pounds

Grand champion market goat: Paige Lucic
Buyer:  Scott Mihalic Auctioneers
Bid: $16/pounds
Weight:  71 pounds

Reserve champion market goat: Teagan Pfeister
Buyer:  Trinity Veterinary Hospital-Dr. Rob Schwartz
Bid: $13/pound
Weight:  89 pounds


Lots: 2

Grand champion: Caiden Knight
Buyer: Kelly Heimerman
Bid: $3.75/pound
Weight: 1,203 pounds

Reserve champion: Caiden Knight
Buyer: M&G Restoration
Bid: $3.25/pound
Weight: 870 pounds


Lots: 81 lots

Grand champion overall market hog/market gilt: Ava Schwartz
Buyer: Madison Veterinary Hospital
Bid:  $42/pound
Weight:  264 pounds

Grand champion barrow/reserve champion market hog: Hope Lassnick
Buyer: Matrix Tool & Machine
Bid:  $9.50/pound
Weight:  273

Reserve champion market barrow: Marissa Szeker
Buyer: JAB Supply Corporation
Bid:  $7/pound
Weight:  281 pounds

Grand champion carcass hog: Owen Lynch
Buyer: Walker Bros.
Bid: $7.50/pound
Weight: 194 pounds

Reserve champion carcass hog: Heidi Wyant
Buyer: South Madison Marathon
Bid: $9.50/pound
Weight: 206 pounds


Lots: 28

Grand champion market lamb: Griffin Demshar
Buyer: Morris Beverage III
Bid: $5/pound
Weight: 154 pounds

Reserve champion market lamb: Heidi Wyant
Buyer: Madison Veterinary Hospital
Bid: $20/pound
Weight: 136 pounds

Grand champion carcass lamb:  Madelyn McDonald
Buyer: Trinity Veterinary Hospital-Dr. Rob Schwartz
Bid: $26/pound
Weight: 60 pounds

Reserve champion carcass lamb: Josie Cooper
Buyer: AMH Construction
Bid: $16/pound
Weight: 71 pounds


Lots: 19

Grand champion market steer: Carson Shaffer
Buyer: Kirtland Veterinary Hospital
Bid: $5/pound
Weight: 1,281 pounds

Reserve champion market steer: Hope Lassnick
Buyers:  Arcadia Glass House, Derek & Sunny Kenyon and the Demshar Family
Bid: $4.25/pound
Weight: 1,315 pounds

Grand champion carcass beef: Griffin Demshar
Buyer: Morris Beverage III
Bid: $7/pound
Weight: 818 pounds

Reserve champion carcass beef:  Michael McDonald
Buyer:  Matrix Tool & Machine
Bid:  $9/pound
Weight:  830 pounds

Grand champion market heifer:  Emma Taylor
Buyers: Mark & Michelle Byram
Bid:  $5/pound
Weight:  893 pounds


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