2023 Geauga County Junior Fair Results

Auburn Dairymen's dairy basket
Auburn Dairymen’s dairy basket sold for $1,500 to Rock N Roll Acres. (Submitted photo)

The Great Geauga County Fair
Sept. 1, 2023  (small animal)
Sept. 2, 2023  (large animal)
Sale Total: $895,975
Scholarship donations: $5,500
Total Lots: 738


Lots: 3
Total: $4,000

Auburn Dairymen
Bid: $1,500
Buyer: Rock N Roll Acres

Geauga Dairymen
Bid: $1,600
Buyers: High Steel Rodeo, Damascus Livestock Auction and Bloomfield Livestock Auction

Thompson Ledge Dairymen
Bid: $900
Buyer: Bloomfield Livestock Auction


Lots: 48
Total: $289,800

Grand Champion: Tatumn Poff
Bid: $10,500  Weight: 1,304 lbs.
Buyer: Oscar Brugman Sand & Gravel

Reserve champion: Taylor Poff
Bid: $10,500  Weight: 1,427 lbs.
Buyers: Chardon, Middlefield, Chagrin Falls and Orwell NAPA

Bantam Showmanship: Morgan Marcotte
Junior Showmanship: Owen Timmons
Intermediate Showmanship: David O’Reilly
Senior Showmanship: Jonathan Hoar
Rate of Gain: Hanna Bennesh


Lots: 100
Total: $265,100

Grand champion: Claire Welder
Bid: $3,800  Weight: 275 lbs.
Buyer: Etna Products

Reserve champion: Addison Heilman
Bid: $3,100  Weight: 294 lbs.
Buyer: Hoar Constructions

Beginner Showmanship: Faith Adams
Junior Showmanship: Ethan Heilman
Intermediate Showmanship: Addison Burnett
Senior Showmanship: Addison Heilman


Lots: 62
Total: $61,900

Grand champion: Kelly Kolenic
Bid: $2,500  Weight: 158 lbs.
Buyers: GAR Horizons and Lausin Farms

Reserve champion: Allie Wiseman
Bid: $1,300  Weight: 143 lbs.
Buyer: Bergansky Team – Keller Williams Realty

Beginner Showmanship: Maddie Marcotte
Junior Showmanship: David O’Reilly
Intermediate Showmanship: Allie Wiseman
Senior Showmanship: Kelly Kolenic
Rate of Gain: Savannah Laurenty


Lots: 22
Total: $19,425

Grand champion: Owen Wetzel
Bid: $2,200  Weight: 944 lbs.
Buyer(s): Maple Country Meats and Osso

Reserve champion: Alexandra Wiseman
Bid: $1,500  Weight: 942 lbs.
Buyer: Chagrin Valley Door

Beginner Showmanship: Owen Wetzel
Junior Showmanship: Zeke Leshovsky
Intermediate Showmanship: Alexandrea Yingling
Senior Showmanship: Emma Gromofsky
Rate of Gain: Jacob Grinstead


Pens of Three: 6
Total: $2,250

Grand champion: Parker Reese
Bid: $500
Buyer: New Vision Realty

Reserve Champion: Milo Morgan-Ard
Bid: $475
Buyer: Robin L. Stanley, Esq.

Beginner Showmanship: Stella Brown
Junior I Showmanship: Lila McClennan
Junior II Showmanship: Regan Fekete
Intermediate Showmanship: Milo Morgan-Ard
Senior Showmanship: Teddy Welsh


Pens of Three: 183
Total: $144,175

Grand champion: Luke Wolf
Bid: $2,150
Buyer: Mack Plumbing

Reserve champion: Campbell Reese
Bid: $1,400
Buyer: Geauga Feed & Grain

Beginner Showmanship: Nathan Germovsek
Junior Showmanship: Blaine Mick
Intermediate Showmanship: Aravis Nelson
Senior Showmanship: Holly Phillips


Lots: 31
Total: $9,225

Grand champion: Alex Melaragno
Bid: $1,000  Weight: 18 lbs.
Buyer: Chagrin Valley Door

Reserve champion: Kiera Reckart
Bid: $425  Weight: 17.4 lbs.
Buyer: Diamonds in the Ruff

Beginner Showmanship: Hayden Newell
Junior Showmanship: Jack Patterson
Intermediate Showmanship: Khol Grigus
Senior Showmanship: Avery Trudick


Lots: 137
Total: $100,100

Grand champion: Abby Steffee
Bid: $1,700  Weight: 34.2 lbs.
Buyer: Geauga Credit Union

Reserve champion: Mike Soltis
Bid: $2,500  Weight: 34.6 lbs.
Buyer: Dumpster Bandit

Beginner Showmanship: Mateo Maniglia
Junior Showmanship: Becky Thur
Intermediate Showmanship: Riley Stumph
Senior Showmanship: Michael Humphreys

Small Animal Sale Auctioneers: Heath Davis, Randall Kiko, and Ryan Kiko. Ringmen:  Tim McCaskey and Mike Davis
Large Animals Auctioneers: Heath Davis and Roger Hunker. Ringman: Tim  McCaskey

Fair Queen and King: Ava Intelisano and Sutton Pikor


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