A night of awards at Stark County Farm Bureau annual meeting


EAST CANTON, Ohio – Even as a young boy, Jay Harsh was interested in farming. As an adult, he’s taken that interest to a new height. Jay and his wife, Debbie, received the Distinguished Service award from the Stark County Farm Bureau Sept. 12.
The Harshes have worked with the Farm Bureau for 17 years, serving as information coordinators and helping with the membership campaign during that time. As information coordinators, their committee earned a Star Award each year.
Jay is also on the county Farm Bureau’s board of trustees.
The Harshes live on a dairy farm where they milk about 20 cows and also raise sheep and pigs. The couple farms 120 acres of corn, wheat, oats and hay.
Star status. The Farm Bureau also recognized committee chairs who earned Star Awards. In Stark County, all 10 committee chairs reached this goal.
Star Awards went to: Bill and Jennifer Wentling, advisory council; Jay and Debbie Harsh, information; Nancy Varian, membership; Terry Klick, government affairs; Janice Nieto, safety; John and Midge Brainerd, promotion and education; Les and Sharon Snyder, youth; Michael Greenbaum, ag ecology; Frank Burkett III, policy development; and Bob Wentling, Nationwide sponsorship.
President Reed Varian received a certificate of achievement for helping the committee chairs earn the Star Awards. Reed also installed Tom Seifert Jr. as the organization’s new president.
Also at the meeting, Farm Bureau members elected the following trustees: Debbie Tournoux, Jay Harsh, Terry Klick and Les Snyder.
Delegates. John and Midge Brainerd and Jay and Debbie Harsh were elected as delegates to the 2007 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting. Dennis and Jennifer Smith are the alternates.
Committee chairs for 2006-2007 are: Terry Klick, government affairs; Reed Varian, safety; Bill and Jennifer Wentling, advisory council; Les and Sharon Snyder, youth council; Jay and Debbie Harsh, information; Ben Ream, membership; John and Midge Brainerd, promotion and education; Michael Greenbaum, ag ecology; Frank Burkett III, policy development; and Gloria Wentling, Nationwide sponsorship.
Jay Harsh and Ben Ream were recognized for excelling in the county’s membership drive. Stark County currently has 7,076 Farm Bureau members.
Policy. In other business, Farm Bureau members approved several policies on the local, state and national levels.
Six policies were approved at the local level. Voters were in favor of a fair assessment of land concerning drainage problems and opposed allowing refuse from other states into Ohio.
Raw milk, ethanol and school funding were among the state topics. Farm Bureau members passed six policies that included support for ethanol and other alternative fuels and opposition to raw milk sales directly to consumers.
At the national level, voters approved five policies including the restriction of eminent domain and the reduction of inheritance taxes after 2010.
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