American farmers grossly misled


The ugly American. Yankee go home. We in the agriculture field just don’t understand why people in other nations would reject our help when we are just trying to feed them.

The American people, especially the American farmer, have been grossly misled into believing that our exportation of agricultural products is helping feed the world.

The fact is that in many nations, our flooding or dumping of vast amounts of grains is destroying another nation’s farm lifestyle.

Let me use Poland as an example. Today, there are approximately 10 million people who live by farming there.

The Polish farmers resisted mechanization under communist rule, wisely thinking first the communists will mechanize, then collectivize their farms.

Massey Ferguson built a tractor plant in Poland, hoping to capitalize on the projected and forced mechanization, only to have 70 percent of its production exported and not used domestically because of Polish farm resistance.

Then enter the European Union. Poland and nine other Eastern Bloc nations join the regurgitated common market.

This calendar year will see borders abolished, tariffs dropped and Poland a dumping ground for “excess” grain, dairy and other farm products.

Thus it is estimated small structured agriculture (family farms) will be destroyed. It will force mechanization, collectivization and eliminate 5 million farmers in Poland.

Is this what American farmers want? Is this what food for peace means?

Is this what the World Trade Organization does?

Is this how American farm abundance is being used by the architects of the new world order?

John Beveridge

Sharon, Pa.


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