Animal industry considered “acceptable collateral damage”



As an animal owner I was completely stunned on June 30 with the announcement of the “agreement” between Gov. Strickland, OFBF/Commodity Leaders and HSUS.

In the weeks since, I have researched all three groups and the “agreement.” However, representatives of both the OFBF and the governor’s office give very different answers to the very same questions.

The HSUS — a lobbying organization with an operating budget of nearly 1 million dollars annually yet gives less than one tenth percent of its money to local humane organizations.

Congressional testimony states HSUS has given monetary and verbal support to smaller groups such as ALF and ELF, identified by FBI as eco-terrorists.

Digging deeper, a trend appeared as HSUS marched state to state in the name of animal rights; just prior to their arrival there always seems to be some group releasing undercover footage of alleged animal abuse. Tactic to generate support? So what is their agenda?

Their CEO stated it in Animal People News: “We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”

Strickland and OFBF — I spoke with Tim, one of the governor’s aides, and Chris from OFBF. Here are some of the results: Governor is for HSUS; OFBF is not but does agree with changes to livestock standards. Governor does support a ban on wild/dangerous animals and senate bill 95; OFBF has no jurisdiction over either — it was brought to the table by the governor, but they do recognize that these two groups are “collateral damage” in order to keep from a ballot fight.

Governor’s aide said the “agreement” is “just talk between the governor, HSUS and some other groups;” OFBF states it is signed by all nine parties: the governor, Jack Fisher, six heads of commodity group and HSUS. Someone should let the governor’s aides know he signed it on 7/21/10 so they can stop lying.

Our leadership is making deals with outside organizations that do not support animal ownership and using the animal industry as a buffer. The OFBF/commodity leaders signed an agreement on animals outside their jurisdiction.

Jack Fisher/commodity leaders, why did you not request that the livestock points be separated from the animal industry points? You cannot sign a 10-point agreement then come back and say you only agreed to seven of the 10.

Gov. Strickland, why would you make deals with organizations linked to eco-terrorists and say you support Ohio agriculture, FFA and 4-H? How can any of you think it is OK to let a 12.5 billion dollar income to this state be “collateral damage”?

Both the OFBF and Farm and Dairy posted articles earlier this year about the HSUS gathering signatures. I’ve got news for you Gov. Strickland, OFBF/commodity leaders. Ohioans do support FFA, 4-H, agriculture and the animal industry. However, I don’t think we will be supporting any of you. Maybe you all might just become “Collateral Damage.”

Keith Campbell

Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. Well said great Job Keep up the fight I know I will not be renewing my Ohio Farm Bureau dues unless They clean House at the State House and The OFBF

    Every Farmer Every Exotic Animal breeder Every Dog Breeder Needs to Call Strickland and Jack Fisher and ask what are you thinking

  2. Well said. Hsus needs to go away,They have been trying to take over for years, it’s not gana happen, you thank they would get the hint by now.Time to fight back and it needs to start with voting Strickland out.

  3. I understand, I was also told by Keith Stimpert of OFBF on the 18th of August around 2:49 pm. In every agreement there is losers, and in this one the Exotics and the Dogs are it. Then I read Chris Henney from the OFBF calling you a liar. He says they didn’t say that. Mr.Stimpert my phone call you didn’t say Collateral Damage, you said we was “losers” talking about the Exotics and Dogs. I would swear in a statement. He said that was what we were called. I have a little button on my phone called record. We (me and Keith Stimpert) even talked about covering are bases.

  4. H$U$ annual budget is actually closer to $100 Million. Still, less than 1/2 of 1% went to the actual care of companion animals like they use in their deceptive fund raising ads & calendars in 2008 – the last year for which their financials have been published. Ten times that amount went to the company they hired to simply count & process donations. About 5 times that amount went to the pension plans of the elite in H$U$ – nearly all are PETA alums or from even more radical animal rights groups than PETA.

  5. Another HumaneWatch inspired collection of half-truths.

    Let’s start with Pacelle’s supposed claim that HSUS has no problem with domestic species going extinct.

    This is taken out of context. He was speaking about whether we have the same moral obligation to preserve a artifact species (bred by humans for their own purposes) as we do a natural species.

    Not as you suggest that he wants domesticated animals to go extinct.

    You may have been “digging deeper” but not apparently getting to the truth. If you can’t get the basic facts of your argument correct, there’s not much reason to take your opinions seriously.

  6. Response to “C”.
    It is well known that all those that support Animal rights want to say that was taken out of context, however, the fact remains the same. Regardless if we created the domestic breed or not, it is not Wanye Pacelle’s choice to end it’s existance. And yes that is the term he used. You even back what I say.

    The only half-truth’s spoken are by the Animal Rights activists. I have my proof, it lies in the HSUS’s own filed paperwork to the government and the state, along with documented testimony to Congress. Where is yours? Or did Congress, IRS and each state get together to create a conspircy against HSUS.

  7. Response to “C”

    How about addressing the deceptive H$U$ ads, the lack of funds for the actual care of animals, the vast sums spent on pensions, money counters, lawyers, etc?

    Why do H$U$ supporters or PAID media monkeys never address the FACTS only try to criticize those who stick to FACTS????

  8. well C I hate to tell you Wayne Pacelle did say domesticated animals to go extinct He said it it wasn’takend from text It was taken from his mouth


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