Ashland County Fair lamb gets $36 a pound bid


ASHLAND, Ohio – Buyers turned out to support the junior fair livestock exhibitors during the junior fair livestock auction during the 150th Ashland County Fair.

Exhibitors and buyers showed their support for victims in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. by making contributions from the proceeds from the sale of their animals. The donations also included a donation of 2 percent of the gross proceeds from the dairy products auction.

During the auction, the Ashland County Agricultural Society donated two 4-gallon butter churns commemorating the 150th Ashland County Fair to be sold, with the proceeds donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Effort. One churn was purchased by Dr. Stephen Torski for $1,000, while the second was purchased by the Bill Harris Family for $1,000.

Steer sale. Bill Harris Dealerships continued its tradition of purchasing both the grand champion baby beef steer as well as the grand champion market steer.

Harris purchased Tana Myers’ 1,304-pound champion for $14 a pound, while Bill Keener’s 1,310-pound champion market steer was purchased for $5 a pound.

Tim Whitcomb’s 1,149-pound reserve champion baby beef steer was purchased by the Buck Jones family for $8.25 a pound. Jessica Boliantz’s 1,298-pound reserve champion market steer was purchased by Hammond Asphalt and Paving for $3 a pound.

Craig Welter’s 1,570-pound champion dairy steer was purchased by Diamond Lites for $1.30 while Colette Eichelberger’s 1,453-pound reserve champion dairy steer was purchased by Hawkins’ Markets for $1.10 a pound.

Bill Keener’s 1,260-pound champion Ashland County bred and raised steer was purchased by Wesner Pioneer Seed and Ashland Crop Service for $2 a pound while Spencer Myers’ 1,357-pound reserve champion Ashland County bred and raised steer was purchased for $1.25 a pound.

$36/pound lamb. Brock Rader sold his 136-pound champion market lamb to Martin Design for $36 a pound while Jake White’s 138-pound reserve champion market lamb was purchased for $20 a pound by Keystone Veterinary Services.

Brooke Jones sold her 259-pound champion market hog for $10 a pound to Hydromatic-Myers Pump, while Jared Wynn’s 252-pound reserve champion market hog sold for $9.25 a pound to Wesner Pioneer Seed, Ashland Crop Service and Jones Livestock.

Goats. Charity Massie’s 113-pound champion Boer market goat was purchased by Quality Farm and Fleet for $4 a pound. Jordan Brown sold his 110-pound reserve champion Boer market goat to Dr. Stephen Torski for $2 a pound.

Jeff Stitzlein’s 118-pound champion dairy market wether was purchased by Moritz Materials for $2.50 a pound and Debbie Cornish sold her 117-pound reserve champion dairy market wether for $2 a pound to Dr. Stephen Torski.

Small animals. Bill Strine bid $375 for Bethany Plice’s champion market turkey while Moritz Material bid $200 for Bob Boerwinkle’s reserve champion market turkey.

Brant Bolen’s champion pen of broilers was purchased by the Olde Route 30 Inn for $375, while Hannah Fulk sold her reserve champion pen of broilers for $375 to Dr. Stephen Torski.

Amber Walton sold her champion pen of meat rabbits for $250 to TJ’s Rabbits. Aber Truck Center bid $475 for Nicole Turner’s reserve champion pen of meat rabbits.


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