Aventis will purchase this year’s crop of Starlink corn


WASHINGTON — At the urging of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, Aventis will purchase this year’s crop of Starlink corn.

      This action will prevent the current crop of Starlink corn from being used in processed foods. These measures provide consumers with additional confidence in the integrity of the food supply by implementing a rigorous purchase and tracking program.

      Animals only.

      Starlink corn is only approved for animal feed and was recently found in processed foods. This action immediately prevents Starlink corn from being used in any food manufacturing. It also guarantees that farmers who planted Starlink corn are reimbursed for this year’s crop.

      The agreement will be implemented by USDA and EPA. Aventis, the manufacturer of Starlink corn, will immediately contact farmers with instructions on how to handle the 2000 Starlink crop.

      USDA will initially purchase the corn from the farmers, handle the corn to ensure that it does not enter the food supply, and then Aventis will reimburse USDA for the cost.


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