Read It Again


80 years ago this week.

      To encourage more farm boys to attend high school, Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Vernon M. Riegel authorized a pilot project in Wood, Champaign, Logan and Marion counties where pupils could attend a half day of school and spend a half day on farm work for six weeks in the fall and again in the spring.

      While visiting parts manufacturers in Akron and Canton, Henry Ford and his son, Edsel, announced a price reduction of 14 to 31 percent to prewar prices on all automobiles, trucks and tractors manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

      50 years ago this week.

      The Columbiana County Board of Elections announced that schools of instruction to explain Ohio’s office type ballot, to be used for the first time at the Nov. 7 general election, will be held. Precinct judges and clerks who will serve will be urged to attend.

      The office type ballot, which eliminates straight ticket voting and requires a crossmark (X) to the left of the name of each candidate for whom the the elector desires to vote, will be explained by county election officials.

      25 years ago this week.

      A Governor’s Council On Cost Control reported on several items to Governor James Rhodes last week, and one of the items concerned the Ohio State Fair. The 67-member group, in its fourth report, said the state fair should have a director directly accountable to the director of agriculture; and that the fair should be managed to make money. It pointed out that the Ohio Expositions Commission has received $500,000 a year in subsidies since 1972, and this does not count the money spent by various state agencies at the fair.


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