Bicentennial book project seeks 200 of Ohio’s finest women


COLUMBUS – As Ohio celebrates two centuries of history and culture, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission wants to make sure the state Bicentennial observance does not ignore the accomplishments of Ohio women.

One of the projects the commission is developing is a book that will be titled 200 Years, 200 “Women: Ohio’s First and Finest,” a resource and reference book to chronicle the achievements of 200 prominent Ohio women.

“If we do not create an historical legacy of Ohio women for Ohio’s Bicentennial we have missed our opportunity for generations to follow,” said Ellen Braddock, of the Bicentennial Commission’s Advisory Council for Ohio Women. “Women have played an invaluable role and made contributions that many people don’t know about.”

200 Years, 200 Women: Ohio’s First and Finest will profile 100 women from 1803-1903 and 100 from 1903-2003. Nominations have been sought from more than 1,600 historical organizations, libraries and women’s groups from around the state.


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