Bull sale averages more than $2,000


PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE, Pa. – The Pa. Department of Agriculture’s 32nd annual Performance Tested Bull Sale averaged $2,029 on 93 head.
The sale, conducted March 25 during the Pa. Beef Expo, drew the largest crowd ever to attend a Pennsylvania Performance Tested Bull Sale.
Starting the sale was the top-indexing Angus, consigned by Jennifer Hower. He commanded the top price of the day, $4,200 offered by Todd Grim of East Berlin, Pa.
The second highest selling Angus, bred by Errer Hill Farms of Friedens, Pa., sold to Herr Angus, of Nottingham, Pa., for $4,100.
The average price for the top 10 Angus bulls sold was $3,465. The 56 Angus averaged $2253.
Herefords. The top-selling Hereford was consigned by Ralph Strouse and purchased for $2,800 by Hempt Brothers of New Cumberland, Pa.
A Hereford consigned by John and Kathleen Wagner, Catskill, N.Y., was the top-indexing Hereford and highest indexing bull overall.
He was purchased by Ed Aurand of Lewistown, Pa., for $2,600.
The seven Herefords averaged $1,914.
Other breeds. The five Red Angus bulls averaged $1,890. The top-indexing bull, owned by Wade Vonada, topped the Red Angus consignments, bringing $3,200 from Kay Michael of Thurmond, Ohio.
Four Charolais bulls averaged $1,800. The top-indexing Charolais was also the top-selling bull. This white bull, consigned by John Myers, York, Pa., went to Hermanos Ruiz, Inc. of Rincon, Puerto Rico for $2,900.
Two Shorthorns consigned by Peggy Bailey averaged $1,350.
Simmentals. The 17 Simmentals averaged $1,562. The top-indexing Simmental was owned by Sarah Runkle and was purchased by Theodore Whistel of Three Springs, Pa., for $1,900.
A second Runkle consignment was the top-selling Simmental. This low birth weight, heavily muscled bull sold to Dale Sheaffer and Diane Allyson for $2,300.
The second highest selling Simmental sold to Wilfred Markey, of Dallastown, Pa., for $2,100. This bull, consigned by Kenly Jo Myers, tied with the high-selling bull for the best birth weight EPD and had a loin-eye measurement second only to the high-selling Simmental.
One Limousin consigned by Nathan Baker sold to Mark Sanders for $2,100 and a Gelbvieh owned by Oren Smith sold for $1,650 to Breezy Heights Farm of Avella, Pa.
Prior to the sale, all bulls completed a 112-day test at the Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center. This test evaluates bulls on average daily gain, muscle growth, and breeding soundness.


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