Copeland’s weather station: 2002 was warmest on record


MILLPORT, Ohio – In 110 years of records, 2002 was the warmest recorded at the station of U.S. weather observer Edwin R. Copeland in southern Columbiana County.

Every day of the year was 5.4 degrees above normal and the year had 42 days with temperatures 90 degrees and above.

Aug. 1 was the hottest day of the year, measuring 98 degrees.

The post measured only one day with zero-degree temperatures, Dec. 4. Never before has the station had only one night of temperatures this low, Copeland said.

Rain. The year was 12 days short on rain, to make the average 122 days. The year was short more than 4 inches of rain, and much more with the hot summer.

“We still need much above the average rain before spring, or we will be in trouble again,” Copeland said.

July was the driest month, with five days totaling 1.11 inches in five rains. The wettest month was May with 3.86 inches of rain.

Most places had below-average rains, and some only had 5 percent to 10 percent harvested crops. According to records, it was the poorest summer since 1930, which was marked by no crops or hay.

This year’s first crop of hay was good in his area, Copeland said.

Averages. The 110-year averages are: 48.6 degrees, 36.62 inches of rain and 30 inches of snowfall.

Averages for 2002 are: 54 degrees, 32.32 inches of rain and 20.3 inches of snowfall.


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