Copes show supreme champion at Columbiana Co. Fair dairy show


LISBON, Ohio – A Jersey went home from the Columbiana County Fair with the open class dairy show’s supreme champion trophy.

The grand champion Jersey, owned by the Brian Cope family of Spring Haven Jerseys, topped the other breed champions for the overall honor. Crystal Miller Olson of Stoneboro, Pa., judged the open class show, held Saturday of fair week.

Other breed winners vying for the honor included the grand champion Guernsey, shown by Baker Brothers Farm; the grand champion Holstein, shown by Whiteleather Holsteins; the grand champion Ayrshire, shown by Todd Bricker; and the grand champion Brown Swiss, shown by Bardo Hill Farm.

Class winners and reserve and junior champions in the breed shows were as follows:

Jersey. Bull calf and champion bull, Spring Haven;

Junior heifer calf: 1. April Bos, Canton, Ohio; intermediate heifer calf: 1. Spring Haven; senior heifer: 1. Grant Cope, Salem, Ohio; summer yearling: 1. April Bos; junior yearling: 1. Jessica Smallwood, Lisbon, Ohio; intermediate senior yearling: 1. Spring Haven; senior yearling: 1. Grant Cope.

Junior and reserve junior champion Jersey: Grant Cope; junior best three females: 1. Unkefer Dairy;

Junior 2-year-old: 1. Grant Cope; senior 2-year-old: 1. Grant Cope; 3-year-old: 1. Spring Haven; 4-year-old: 1. Unkefer Dairy; 5-year-old: 1. Unkefer Dairy; aged cow: 1. Unkefer Dairy; dry cow: 1. Spring Haven;

Reserve senior and reserve grand champion: Grant Cope;

Produce of dam: 1. Doug Cooper, Hanoverton; dam and daughter: 1. Spring Haven; best three females: 1. Frog Hollow Jerseys, Hanoverton; dairy herd: 1. Spring Haven.

Guernsey. Junior heifer calf: 1. Triple J Rhodes, Salem, Ohio; junior yearling: 1. Triple J Rhodes; senior yearling: 1. Jason Rhodes;

Junior champion: Triple J Rhodes; reserve junior champion: Jason Rhodes;

Dry cow: 1. Baker Brothers Farm, Homeworth;

Reserve grand champion: Triple J Rhodes;

Holstein: Junior heifer calf: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins, Minerva, Ohio; intermediate heifer calf: 1. Grant Cope; senior heifer: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins; summer yearling: 1. Ouric Holsteins, Canfield, Ohio; junior yearling: 1. Kiko family, Salem, Ohio; intermediate senior yearling: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins ; senior yearling: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins.

Junior and reserve junior champion Holstein: Whiteleather Holsteins; junior best three females: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins; junior get of sire: 1. John Mercer, Damascus, Ohio.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. Kiko family; senior 2-year-old: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 3-year-old: 1. Matt Merrick; 4-year-old: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins; 5-year-old: 1. Kiko family; aged cow: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins; dry cow: 1. Kiko family;

Reserve senior and reserve grand champion: Whiteleather Holsteins;

Senior get of sire: 1. Ouric Holsteins; produce of dam: 1. Lawrence Whiteleather; dam and daughter: 1. Whiteleather Holsteins; best three females: 1. Lawrence Whiteleather ; dairy herd: 1. Lawrence Whiteleather.

Ayrshire: Bull calf: 1. Bill Kornbau, Salem, Ohio; intermediate heifer calf: 1. Baker’s Acres, Kensington, Ohio; senior heifer: 1. Allen Deckerd, Beloit, Ohio; summer yearling: 1. Allen Deckerd; intermediate senior yearling: 1. Jeremy Timmons, Salem, Ohio; senior yearling: 1. Todd Bricker, Salem, Ohio;

Junior champion: Jeremy Timmons; reserve junior champion: Baker’s Acres.

Senior 2-year-old: 1. Todd Bricker; 3-year-old: 1. Todd Bricker; 4-year-old: 1. Bill Kornbau; 5-year-old: 1. Bill Kornbau; aged cow: 1. Allen Deckerd; dry cow: Jeremy Timmons;

Grand and reserve grand champions: Todd Bricker;

Produce of dam: 1. Bill Kornbau; dam and daughter: 1. Jeremy Timmons.

Brown Swiss: Junior heifer calf: 1. Bardo Hill Farm, Salem, Ohio; intermediate heifer calf: 1. Levi Bardo; junior yearling heifer: 1. Aegerter Farms, Hanoverton, Ohio; senior yearling heifer: 1. Baker’s Acres;

Junior champion: Bardo Hill Farm; reserve junior champion: Baker’s Acres; junior best three females: 1. Bardo Hill Farm;

Senior 2-year-old: 1. Levi Bardo; 3-year-old: 1. Eric Lease, Salem, Ohio; 4-year-old: 1. Bardo Hill Farm; aged cow: 1. Levi Bardo;

Grand champion: Bardo Hill Farm; reserve: Levi Bardo;

Produce of dam: 1. Levi Bardo; dam and daughter: 1. Bardo Hill Farm; best three females: 1. Bardo Hill Farm; dairy herd: 1. Bardo Hill Farm.


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