Dairy farm abuser charged with 12 counts of cruelty to animals


EARLIER STORY: Dairy farm worker fired and arrested.

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — The man arrested May 26 in connection with abuse to livestock at an Ohio dairy farm remains in custody on $100,000 bond.

Billy Joe Gregg, 25, of Delaware County, was charged May 27 for multiple violations to Ohio law on animal treatment, which prohibits anyone from knowingly torturing an animal, depriving it of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beating an animal, needlessly mutilating or killing it, or compounding or confining an animal without supplying it a sufficient supply of good, wholesome food and water.

If convicted, he could face up to 90 days in jail for each offense, or a total of about three years.


Gregg’s actions were documented on an undercover video released to media this week by the animal rights group Mercy For Animals. He was shown willfully abusing farm animals at Conklin Dairy Farms of Plain City.

After reviewing the video, authorities in Union County, Ohio are charging him for “hitting a mature cow in the face with a metal rod,” “throwing a young calf to the ground” and “hitting it in the face with an open hand,” kicking and punching a cow’s milk sack, breaking a cow’s tail, punching a young calf in the face and other similar crimes.

Marysville City Prosecutor Tim Aslaner said Gregg asked for his bond price to be reduced, but it was kept at $100,000 — the amount Aslaner requested.

No contact

According to court records, signed by the judge, Gregg is “not to have any contact as a caretaker of any domestic animals.”

News agencies in Columbus reported he asked for a lesser charge so he could go home and care for his dogs.

The Columbus Dispatch reported he has no apparent ties to the community, and has lived in at least three other states, because of his service in the military.

He reportedly asked to be released from jail because he has an upcoming appointment with the Department of Veterans Affairs for his military disability, which he did not identify.

Some scrutiny

Aslaner would not elaborate on the legitimacy of the video or whether there could be charges against those who made it. MFA conducted its investigation over a four-week period and has come under scrutiny for waiting nearly a month to turn in the abuse.

“The overall investigation is still open,” Aslaner said.

He said the content in the video, “was really pretty stomach turning,” saying “right now, it’s an ongoing investigation.”

Gregg is expected back in court in early June, to enter a plea. He does not have a defense attorney and is seeking a public defender.

Farmers and farm groups across Ohio continued to weigh in on the case May 27, adding further condemnation over the acts in the film.

Gregg’s actions do not speak accurately for the industry, countless sources have said.


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  1. I hope this low life gets the same treatment in prison as he has subjected those poor creatures to – and bear in mind these are just a few of God knows how many he has abused.

  2. this sad pathetic waste of space should be strapped down, and slowly had his testicles disorganized . I am sorry but i am not one to forgive when it comes to such foolishness as this guy!

  3. This sick individual should not be allowed around animals of any sort for the rest of his life. He clearly has demonstrated a dangerous pathology that normally never changes in a person. His clear lack of empathy and predilection to torturing a defenseless newborn calf has no place in a civil society. I think if we were intelligent we would keep tabs on broken minds like this to make others aware that they are in our neighborhoods. There should be a national registry for extreme cases of animal abuse like this.

  4. I hope the cattle are removed from the farm–the video shows one of the owners, Gary Conklin, also abusing a cow.

    “…take special note of minute 1:30 of the video which clearly shows Gary Conklin kicking a downed cow about the head.”

    These people are an embarassment to the community and should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Perhaps Gregg works for mercy for animals. That isa very unusual behavior on a dairy farm. Conklin was simply getting the cow up. What should he have done? Asked it nicely? Gregg’s behavior was strange, and not typical of dairy farmers.

  6. Lori-It is imperative that a cow that is down be made to get up. The longer the cow is down, the greater the odds are that she will be unable to get up and/or have many other problems. If this is what was happening-it was NOT abuse, but truley for the cows’ best interests-sometimes cattle are extremely stubborn, and it takes aggressive action to get her to cooperate. If the cow was being hit and kicked for no other reason, I would agree with your statement.

    Please remember-this tape ONLY showed you what the animal rights group WANTED you to see-most of it was cut and spliced together-there is no telling how the “real storey” went.

    I am willing to bet that the “photographer” somehow initiated/encouraged abusive behaviors with the calves…something is not right with that part of the video. It would not be past them to pay for this behavior.

  7. Very disturbing video. Gregg is a psychopath, not a farmer. He wasn’t even trying to get those cattle to do anything. He was just getting pleasure from abusing them. Sick. If they aren’t going to lock him up, then run him off.

  8. Anon & Fed-Up Farmer…..you are joking right?? The video was set up, this is not typical?? Give me a break! I operate a farm as well, I know the difference between ABUSE and what is normal. This is obviously ABUSE in the highest degree!
    If a cow is down, it is down for a reason….meaning it can’t get up! Let me break your legs and then kick you until you get up…makes sense to me!
    I just don’t understand what you people have against humane treatment of your animals?

  9. @ FED-UP&PO’d Farmer:
    I highly doubt it was in the cows best interests to be violently kicked in the face. You’re telling me there was no other way for the man to get the calf up other than booting it in the face ?

    This tape only showed what they wanted us to see… right so what was it leaving out where they were kissing and hugging the cows ? Would that make it ok that they were abusing the cows ? Cut and spliced together, real story ? Are you mental, what could the real story be like the cows were neo nazis and therefore asking to be abused like this ?

    How could the photographer initiate these guys to act like sleezebags, sorry for us decent human beings there is no amount of encouraging that could make us do these types of things to an animal.

  10. WOW WOW WOW fed up and what the eff ever!!!! none of those behaviours in that video you cant explainaway and if you can well then perhaps where you work should be investigated also!!! all I can say is I dont care how stubborn they are.. YTOU do not stab them, kick them, punch them, break their bones!!! if you think that is correct please reply!!!

  11. This man and these actions are REPUGNANT
    NO ONE should be defending or trying to justify what he did. It is not isolated it happens MUCH too often across all industries that exploit animals.
    This man MUST pay for his heinous CRIMES.
    Disgusting and EVIL.

  12. @Fed-Up&PO’d farmer who doesn’t even have the balls to post his real name… there is NO excuse for abusing an animal. PERIOD. Editing is merely a sequence of presenting CONTENT. The CONTENT is real. This is a psychopath who shows pleasure in inflicting pain on animals. We must have more stringent anti-cruelty laws. This must become a FELONY crime. And Gary Conklin must pay as well. As far as I’m concerned, tie them to posts, beat their testicles with crowbars, and then set them loose in a pen with angry bulls and no way to defend themselves. They must be tortured. If the punishment were more severe, maybe it would be a deterrent. PLEASE join my Facebook page!

  13. How wonderful to see a fed up and PO’d farmer leaving his comments and conspiracy theory on this story. Gee Mr. Farmer, since you seem to think there was nothing wrong with the acts seen on this video and you are now PO’d, I pray for your cows. Hopefully you don’t go back to your farm and take out your anger on your cows.

  14. @ FED-UP&PO’D farmer…Are you for real ?
    The video footage speaks for itself, are you seriously suggesting that the events never took place or were ‘staged’. Animal protection groups are kept busy enough without having to falsify evidence.
    You seem very defensive of what are obvious indefensible acts of cruelty…maybe it’s too close to home for you?

  15. If he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he needs psychiatric HELP now (and some jail time) before he pounds a 2 legged’s head in addition to 4 legged animals. Some military veterans have committed horrific crimes against humans, some killing family menbers, because they haven’t dealt with their trauma from serving overseas.

    To some of you, what… See More he did might be “just animals”, but do you want him dating your daughter? Watching your children? On the streets as a cop with a gun? He is a serial killer in the infant stages – it isn’t “just animal abuse”, it is the symptoms of deep psychological problems that could kill a human if ignored.

    So Humane Watch folks… do you want to let him babysit YOUR children or animals? Be honest!

  16. So the animal rights groups cut and spliced only what we wanted to see.

    What on earth could have possibly warranted a fully grown adult male stomping on a calves head? Repeatedly stabbing a cow in the side with a pitch fork? Tying a cow up by the nose in order to beat it over the head with a metal bar?

    The “ditch dairy” at the end was propaganda but I’m not stupid. I work with horses and if my horse is going to kick someone I’ll give him a smack and if he bites I get after him – in the face. This was sadistic cruelty that no amount of cutting and splicing together (without some REALLY good computer animation) could possibly make it out to be anything other than what it actually is.

  17. Fed-up & PO Farmer – Are you for real?!!!

    It concerns me greatly that you have responsibility for animals when you hold such opinions.

    I too have experience of large animals (cattle and horses) and what you are saying is way off the mark. What we saw in the video was not a concerned worker attempting to get an downed cow up, but sadists actively enjoying inflicting torture, pain, fear and terror on sentient beings. What about the calf being thrown to the ground and having its head stamped on? What’s your explanation for that?! And as for saying the video has been spliced together to give a false impression – come on man!! – are you living in Cloud-Cuckoo land?!! I have shown this video to some farmer friends of mine (sheep, beef and cattle farmers here in the UK) and all were uniformly appalled and outraged by this. To claim that this is standard farming treatment of dairy cows is nonsense!!

  18. This video has outraged and angered many people, farmers and consumers alike. I believe I can safely say that there is one thing that we can all agree on, the acts committed in this video are repulsive and wrong on the most basic of levels.
    I have been following this story very closely since I first heard of it. And I must admit that there are some facts that raise an eyebrow. Such as the timing of this video, it is release while a group here in Ohio is trying to raise signatures to bring a livestock standards admendment to vote. Politically and financially this video with help these groups with signatures and donations.
    Also this video taped over and was withheld from the authorities for 4 weeks. I would understand why Mercy for Animals would wonder if local authorities would take them seriously. Plain City is a small town, I live and work here in Ohio and I also live in a small town. I understand how certain public officials will be extra friendly to some in the community.
    However on their claims of their undercover reporter fearing for his life because these men owned guns. You must understand that you are in a small town in Ohio, I am quite sure that most in the community own guns. I personally was taught at the young age of 10 to respect firearms, firearms safety and recieved my first firearm from my father. I am not surprised these men had guns, and Mercy for Animals shouldn’t have been either, in fact they should have banked on them having them.
    Also with this video being shot over 4 weeks, then why are these men wearig the same clothes in the entire video? I do not know of anyone working at a dairy who wears the same white collared polo shirt to work everyday.
    Also if it’s a hidden camera, why does he speak directly to the camera?
    This is why this video seems fishy to me, it’s something to think about. It’s not a conspiracy theory, just some facts that are a little strange. It’s food for thought and nothing more.
    I agree that these acts are henious and this man should be punished with a heavy hand. And if this video is valid and true, then perhaps an investigation into Conklin Farms is necessary.
    Whatever the case may be, I hope and pray that we all can be civil and educated about this situation. Working together, we can accomplish much more then fighting each other, please let’s work together with Livestock Care Standards Board.

  19. OK, I agree throw away the key with Mr. Gregg this behavior is totally inexcusable. Let’s also prosecute the camera man, hidden camera or not, the documenter had Mr. Gregg way too comfortable with what he was doing.

    FED-UP & PO’d is right though a “down” animal must get up or it will die. Their rumens and circulatory systems don’t work optimally when they are down. I don’t know what the correct method is to get a 1200+ pound animal to stand is, but I do know a tickle under the chin will not do it. If anyone here knows the correct procedure for downer cattle please chime in. I’ve only dealt with goats and sheep where they’re light enough to be lifted in to a standing position. I suspect that Gary Conklin’s intentions had his own best interest at heart. In other words get the animal healthy and producing again or at least on its way to the sale barn. So out of context, most likely, I would think that Mr. Conklin also gave the cow a vitamin drench, and probably an IV calcium solution to get her stable, but the 1 second of Conklin in video doesn’t show us enough context to prove me right or wrong.

  20. Some of you who doubt this video real..are unreal! There is 20 hours of video that we do not see so to make ignorant statements that they are wearing the same clothes for 20 days is just stupid.

    There is NO rhyme or reason to abuse an animal to make it get up. Are you people for real? If you believe that then you are just as bad as Gregg and Conklin and any others in that video. You make me sick!

    If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Let me take a wild guess which side you are on, not too hard to see from your ignorant posts.

  21. All you PO’ed skeptical farmers saying you have to kick a downed cow. Yes downed cattle need to be gotten up. But guess what….I GREW UP ON A FARM and milked cows. Have you ever heard of slings to assist a down cow to attempt to stand?????????????????? We used slings not a kick in the face.

    Conklin is just as guilty as the lame excuse of a human Gregg.

  22. Wow – did some of you actually see the video. You couldn’t possibly if you’re saying stupid things like he was only trying to make the cow get up. Wow.

    I believe the video to be real (it’s quite obvious) and whether or not this Gregg monster was “encouraged” is of no consequence at all. There is NOTHING you could say to me to “encourage” me to abuse an animal that way.

  23. It is reassuring to see farmers who are decent human beings coming out and voicing their anger and disgust at this, I hope that PO’d farmer is the minority and people like farm chick are the majority

  24. “Hidden Camera” – Right. This isn’t normal farm behavior. Obviously this is a staged video by Mercy for Animals to make all farmers look evil and try to swing more people over to a meatless diet.

  25. Young Cattle Producer – Thank you for your continued well thought out and truthful posts on all of the articles that have been posted here. I agree with everything you are saying, certain things about this video really do raise a bit of an eyebrow. To others it is important that you raise a down cow to it’s feet because if she is down for too long the likelihood of her rising again is unlikely. I do know that a 1200 pound animal is not easy to raise but there are other methods of raising her, other than kicking, and actually when a cow is down it is a red flag to a farmer that something needs attention and the cow is not feeling well. This kind of treatment is not treatment for down cows that occurs across the board when it comes to dairies in the United States. This is one excessive case. I know many dairy farmers that will spend long nights checking on cattle if they happen to go down. Farmers pour their heart and souls into their farms which means part of them is with every cow that lives on their farm so they care for their animals before they care for themselves. Please look around the internet for facebook pages of dairies or blogs or find a dairy farmer in your area and you will find this to be the case!

  26. I want to know why the rest of them aren’t charged as well..people in that area should get together and picket this farm until he goes bankrupt. He’s a poor excuse for a human being, much less farming. Wake up call OHIO…….legislate some laws protecting the animals….you’re in the dark ages…

  27. Where was the farm owner when all this was happening? I don’t care if this was filmed on one day or over many, that owner should have known about what was being done to his cows and that someone was filming on his property. Every farm we’ve ever worked at, the owner was there every day and his/her cows and their condition were well known to them on a daily basis. Many also have cameras already in their barns and loafing areas to monitor the actions of their employees when they cannot be there in person. Perhaps he/she should also be brought up on charges of abuse.
    We too have worked on farms, both dairy and beef, and it is very important to get a cow up when he/she is down. Yes, there are slings and lifts to do this with but in some situations, these are not able to be used. How then do you get the cow up? I agree that punching and kicking in the face is NOT the way to do this but strong action is often needed, even if that action is to pull the animal from the stall as humanely as possible with a tractor or bobcat type tractor so that the sling or lift can then be used. Yes, I said tractor, because there is no way one or 2 humans are going to be able to pull a 1200 pound animal anywhere alone without some sort of powered assistance.
    The animal rights people of all sorts, including PETA and HSUS, are trying to get some of their people on this Animal Care Standards board in Ohio that was mentioned. Then they can force not just farmers out of business but force us who do still eat and enjoy meat to become vegetarians because meat will not be available. No farmers = no food for those in the cities.

  28. Those animals weren’t downers. Those animals were on their feet, chained to a fence and abused. Listen to Gregg’s language. The language alone shows what pleasure he is taking in what he is about to do. It’s sickening, stomach-turning. He is in desperate need of psychiatric help. This guy should not be let loose on the streets to inflict this abuse on other living creatures. Who knows who will be next? It is well proven that this type of animal abuse is a precursor to child/human abuse.

  29. Wow….i tell u what i live near ohio, maybe i can go in there and punch and kick them guys upside their head to see how it feels….

  30. “Where was the farm owner when all this was happening? I don’t care if this was filmed on one day or over many, that owner should have known about what was being done to his cows and that someone was filming on his property. Every farm we’ve ever worked at, the owner was there every day and his/her cows and their condition were well known to them on a daily basis.”

    Um, psbb, did you not see the video or read these comments? The owner, Gary Conklin, was there kicking a downed cow in the head. Funny, every single time a random farm is documented, there is abuse. Every time, no matter what organization is documenting. The farmers always declare that “animal welfare is our top priority” and “healthy animals produce better products”. Bullsh*t. Even Conklin said this and he was in on the “fun”.

    The reason dairy cattle go “down” is because of the repeated pregnancies in order for them to produce milk. They don’t “give” milk for any other reason. We take it. Also Bovine Growth Hormone (steroids) are used which increases production of 10 times the milk that they would produce naturally. Their bodies are totally spent, the calcium leeched from thier bones form the constant pregnancy and milking. They CAN’T get up! Do you really think they would just lie there and take that abuse if they could??? The fact is that when dairy cattle are “spent”, they are sent to slaughter and are the source of hamburger. If they are down at the time of slaughter, they are not to be used. Therefore, the farmer who tries to get the last penny for the abusive life (and death) doesn’t make anything off her. All this “concern” about her dying is so hypocritical it makes me sick. They are often just left to linger and die if they can’t get up. This is according to the USDA, the “downer cow” is the law. Oh, and the little calves, whose only crime was to be born for milk production, are sold to veal farms. So dairy supports veal and meat industries too. Also, they are milked several times per day with machines that cause infections of the teats (mastitis) and the pus and blood goes right into the milk. Pasteurization does NOT remove this.
    So, enjoy your pus laden, unnatural poison, people. I also grew up on a farm. Funny, I never thought of sucking on a cow’s teat. Plus, milk is for INFANTS of ALL species! I bet if milk/dairy consumers were offered a nice tall glass of human breast milk, they would consider it disgusting. Or maybe some dog milk? It will cause osteoporosis among many other diseases because in the human body, animal protein is not used efficiently and we get wayyyy to much for the body to handle which leads to every disease Americans die from. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, etc. are calcium rich and totally usable by the body.
    See: Notmilk. com for the (non-industry sponsored) facts about dairy.

  31. FED-UP &PO’d farmer is right. BTW, he NEVER, nor has anyone else I’ve seen on here, condoned what the employee, Billy Joe Gregg, Jr, did in the video. He was talking about the 3 seconds (1:25-1:28) which show the owner kicking the cow. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I *thought* I was seeing when I saw that part (Unfortunately, there was NO way to deny the horrors Greg caused, OTOH.). I went back to those three seconds and viewed them in stop action on full screen. Just as filming from a certain angle can make it look like actors in a movie are landing hard punches, when they aren’t making contact at all, viewing the video the way I did showed the owner, Gary Conklin, did NOT kick the cow in the head – it doesn’t matter how many times a bunch of people say it. He *did* kick the cow twice, but in the area where the neck joins the shoulder. And he didn’t kick it with the steel toe of his boot (as some have stated), but with the sole. What’s the difference? That amount of force, applied in that manner, in that location, should NOT have hurt the cow. While some have said 1200 pounds, it’s likely she was over 3/4 ton. It would be like going up to a person and slapping them on the shoulder. And to top it off: this cow was NOT a total downer. If you watch the end of the segment, immediately after the second kick, she’s starting to rise. If she had collapsed in a heap after attempting to get up, you can bet that would have been included. Instead the video conveniently cuts off and goes back to Gregg’s depravity. My guess is she continued to rise, then just stood there. Showing that wouldn’t have had the emotional impact, however. If I’m correct, Mr. Conklin used just enough force to get the cow up, and was NOT abusing her. *He* doesn’t appear like he’s enjoying what he’s having to do, but doing what has to be done. Edited the way it was, in between acts so obviously horrific, make one assume it’s more of the same.

  32. The ‘Mercy’ photographer or organization should be charged? How could they let it go on for four weeks? Well bless their hearts, that is how we find OUT about such abuse, even if they get in their vehicles after work, and vomit.

    Check out PETA’s UC footage of TWO yes TWO small animal ware houses that distribute to pet stores… Saw one the other day where a ‘middle aged’ woman had hamsters in a clear plastic bag, was supposed to kill them, and kept whopping the bag on the table then looking to see if they were dead yet. Overall THOUSANDS of animals perish due to neglect and abuse. (boycott stores that sell puppies OR small animals!)

    Animal Planet show, investigator toured OK puppy mills filming them for two weeks for HSUS. (the Petland story)

    How else are we to know? I don’t think this is related to movement to change OH law. The Conklin farm was picked at random. The employee just happened to find Gregg there! There’s no doubt in my mind that Mercy would have prefered finding nothing but decent treatment of the animals.

  33. The MFA “investigator” and MFA *should* be investigated, and then charged, if what I (and others) suspect is true. The released video is just not right, in more ways than the abuse shown. MFA hoped to find “nothing but decent treatment of the animals”? Please. That would not have advanced their cause, which is NOT proper care of farm animals, but the elimination of animal agriculture. “Ditch cruelty. Ditch dairy.”

    Not “related to movement to change OH law”? From the MFA website story on the video: “The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals.” The phrase “state laws” links to Ohioans for Humane Farms, the HSUS-backed group promoting the ballot initiative to hijack the newly-formed Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board and force regulations of HSUS’ choosing on them. This is before they have a chance to do their voter-mandated work, based on science, not emotional manipulation.

    MFA representatives *say* the Conklin Farm was chosen at random. Why are they more believable than Gary Conklin? Even if it was randomly chosen, how many randomly-chosen farms did they visit and come away from without sufficiently gut-wrenching video?

    Consider this scenario:
    The MFA “investigator” goes to Conklin Farm. He sees an employee (Gregg) being a *little* more rough than necessary with the animals. He hears that this employee has been disciplined for such treatment before. He befriends the employee, sees what a sick person he really is, and encourages more and more outrageous behavior – when he purposely hides it from the rest of the farm and makes sure no one else is around. Voilà – a video that is as anti-animal ag as any activist could want.

    Do I *know* this is what happened? No. But it makes much more sense to me than the MFA-promoted story. *If* my guess is true, MFA wasn’t investigating, but instigating; their behavior was MORE despicable, MORE horrific, MORE criminal than Gregg’s. MFA and its agent are being hailed as heroes. It wouldn’t be the first time someone had caused a tragedy, just to come to the rescue and look like a hero. It wouldn’t be the first time someone used some poor, sick soul to advance their cause.

    The Conklin family is enduring numerous threats of injury, death, and destruction. Their lives are in chaos, and possibly in ruin. They had everything to lose by allowing such abuse on their farm. MFA, on the other hand, had MUCH to gain by this abuse. MFA deserves the same scrutiny the Conklin’s and their farm are getting.

    Please, everyone reading this, if you are a person who cares about your fellow humans as well as other animals, insist on a COMPLETE investigation into this matter, not a mob-mentality lynching.

  34. He could get his punishment for doing this about 90 days in jail and a fine of $750.00. What’s next doing this to a human being then what, another 90 days in jail and a fine of $750.00. Believe me he will not get away by doing this to a man who can defend himself tables might turn on him. If he is set free he better watch his back there are so many people upset about this. If he gets away with a slap on his hand then I guess who ever do something very similar to him should get the same. Please judge have mercy on this animals they do not deserve this imagine the pain they go through for days without been able to
    do anything. I pray every day to God to keep them save and to not create any more animals like Gregg to be in this world. Animals are more compassionate than him. I say please shut down Conklin Farm and send every one of the employees and owner to jail for good.

  35. I never knew there were so many people who couldnt read properly-even across the ocean-and that so many people felt they could put words in others’ mouths. NO ONE here has said it was allright to beat animals purposely for their own enjoyment. Two comments were twisted to say that.

    Regardless, the video was showing only what the AR group wanted you to see-I am certain that they purposely ommitted footage that showed Conklin trying to get the cow up in a more gentler way before he resorted to more aggressive ways…by the way, I have seen several vets use just as aggressive methods on animals NOT because they were abusing them, but for the animals’ best interests. We do not live in a perfect world, and we do not all have slings-no one remotely close to me-including vets-has one. And if you all watch the video again-the cow does rise and immediatly all action against her stops. If he were truely abusing her, he would have continued..this shows he ONLY did this for the cows’ benefit.

    As far as the “anonamous” that said I should KILL MYSELF…while I will not stoop to your level and tell you the same, you are an extremely sick, poor excuse as a human being. You seriously are in dire need of mental help. This statement shows you are just as bad as the man abusing these calves, like the kettle calling the iron “black”.

    While no one-including myself, promotes abuse as the man purposely hitting the calves, far too many people are completely falling for the Animal Rights’ activists’ propaganda. There are two sides to every story-yet no one here is even trying to get the Conklins’ side. I am NOT saying they were right or wrong-but it is purely wrong for people to pass judgement on them by just seeing what AR activists’ tell you.

  36. farm animal abuse will come to an end, just look at all the seats empty at the rodeo, (glorified animal abuse) do you really think those stupid hilljacks are capable of doing anything else? factory farming is in for a big surprise.

  37. why didnt the person with the camera do anything to stop the abuse? this person is just as responsable and could have stoped the abuse at anytime. but no they just stood there. They should be charged with the same crimes!

  38. to 05/29/2010 @ 2:28 pm who does not give his/her name:
    you might want to get your facts straight about spinach. it is calcium rich, but that calcium is bound up in a way that our bodies cannot use it.
    it seems that you have a vegan agenda and good for you if that is the way you want to go. just do not press your beliefs on me!
    just so you know, i hope that conklin dairies rots.

  39. My problem is that everytime one of these things come to public view, people are screaming they did not know, bull, the owners of this facility need charged too, they knew this jerk was doing this, how the hell could you not know, if some one goes in and with in thirty days gets this footage and you are a permanent figure there, you are just as guilty, they need to take the farm away.

  40. You are crazy if for anyone that tries to justify what has happened for 22 days or even 1 hour, you are crazy. but i am a full believer in Jesus and everyone from that farm will have there day, and god please have mercury on my soul if i should ever run into Gregg on the street, i would love to shske his hand!!!!!!! I have helped my son and daughter raise 6 cow in FFA and now I don’t know if I want to even do that any more. I have so much hurt in my heart today I hope it passes in time.

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