Farm truck agreement is good news for farmers


Camp Hill, Pa. – A new agreement reached between Pennsylvania and New York will allow farmers to legally drive their registered farm vehicles in the neighboring state without getting commercial registrations.
Benefits. According to the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, the new agreement means farmers won’t have to pay for an additional commercial registration fee and they will be able to save thousands of dollars by delivering their products to customers and processors by themselves as opposed to paying a commercial hauler to deliver their goods.
The agreement exempting Pennsylvania’s farm vehicles and New York’s agricultural trucks from obtaining apportioned registrations (like commercial trucks) for travel between states was worked out between the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and New York’s Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau worked jointly with New York Farm Bureau in asking state officials to develop the agreement.
Bonus. The agreement, which takes effect immediately, should have an added bonus of allowing farmers in both states to use their farm vehicles to purchase products or buy supplies from the most convenient and cost effective supplier.
The agreement will also free up State Police in Pennsylvania and New York from having to monitor farm vehicles entering each state.
The registration exemption provided under the agreement does not apply in cases where a farmer is improperly using the vehicle. Laws in both states restrict the use of farm vehicles to the hauling of the farmer’s own agricultural supplies and products.
Details. Also, the agreement does not change any requirements that may apply under federal regulations to the interstate operation of farm vehicles. The agreement does not affect fuel tax requirements that may apply to vehicles operated in each state.


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