LETTER: Farmers will do a better job than can-kicking politicians



Cowboys and business people can clearly explain how the “cow ate the cabbage.” They can explain how she ate it, and where she spit the seeds.

Today our elite elected ones can’t generate an original or conclusive sentence. Listen to them defend themselves, interviews, press conferences. Try to understand what — if anything — is going on in their heads.

An example of interviewing a “high up” elected one is … “This fiscal cliff is the issue. We are here to fix things for middle-class tax payers. Whether you are Wall Street or Main Street, the can is kicked down the road.

We are comparing middle class oranges to apples and should be comparing Wall Street to Main Street as we kick the can. Someone is kicking the can. Who is kicking the can?

Are apples and oranges or should it be the fruits of D.C. kicking the cans of middle class fruits? I can’t golf for thinking about the fiscal cliff and kicking the can. I don’t want to stop hitting a small white ball in a black hole to kick a can.

I can kick the can over the fiscal cliff and destroy Wall street or Main Street. This is apples to apples not oranges to oranges. You are kicking the can — no it’s your can I want to kick! On and on it goes.


Kicking the can — means, can’t decide which bull to castrate in rancher language. In farm language they can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag. Means they don’t know sideways from second base.

Wall Street to Main Street — means who cares about rural people? It’s the city people. Means hot air rhetoric and empty verbalizations.

Apples to oranges — means, can’t tell the difference. This taxi-cab cliche rhetoric is political empty air.

It is time to get a trailer load of old retired farmers to D.C. who can decide what seed to plant in advance of spring — to know how to assure a great harvest next fall.

All farmers make decisions years in advance. Do away with can-kicking politicians and replace them with farmers who know how to castrate, know watermelons from cantaloupe and how deep to plant the seeds. If all the money has been spent on golf, watermelon, vacations and cans, there is no money for seed and no cantaloupe at harvest. This is not hard! Simple rancher rhetoric.

Darol Dickinson

Barnesville, Ohio

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