Guernseys get help from Holsteins


SALEM, Ohio – After using an outdated registration system for three years, Guernsey owners will soon be able to register their cows online.

American Guernsey Association recently teamed up with Holstein Association USA to revamp its registration and pedigree process. This is the first time the groups have worked together on a project, said Seth Johnson, executive secretary for the Guernsey association.

Cooperation. The Web-based registration system was developed by Insinc USA, a Holstein Association USA subsidiary.

All data will be stored on servers in the Holstein Association’s office in Brattleboro, Vt. It will update information on genetic evaluations and lactation files.

The American Guernsey Association in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, will continue to handle paperwork, certificates, and new membership, Johnson said.

Within the next year, members will get a password and be able to register and classify their cows online, Johnson said, adding this is the only change farmers will likely see.

Working with Holstein Association USA will be more cost effective, Johnson said, because it already had this registration process in place.

Numbers. Guernsey numbers dropped dramatically in the last 20 years, Johnson said. But for the last five years, numbers have held steady at about 6,000 new registrations per year, he said.

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