Holmes Co. honors top dairy farms


WALNUT CREEK, Ohio – When almost a fourth of the dairy herds in Ohio are located in a two-county area, that is something to celebrate, according to Dean Slates, Holmes County extension agent.

Slates made his comments prior to handing out awards to the county’s top dairy producers during the 2004 Holmes County DHI Banquet at The Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek, Ohio.

Holsteins. Paul Miller was recognized for having the top herd under 50 cows for milk, protein and energy-corrected milk. The herd’s production is 25,196 pounds of milk, 775 pounds of protein and 26,328 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Velvet View Farm was named the top herd for fat with 958 pounds of fat.

Willis Mast received recognition for having the lowest somatic cell count for herds under 50 cows.

Kick’s Dairy Farm had the top herd with more than 50 cows for milk, fat, protein, and energy-corrected milk with 28,881 pounds of milk, 1,084 pounds of fat, 877 pounds of protein and 30,147 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Kick’s Dairy Farm is ranked second in the state among Holstein herds.

Hal and Rod Hunsberger received recognition for having the lowest somatic cell count for herds with more than 50 cows.

Other breeds. In the colored breeds, R&R Swiss was honored as the top herd for milk and protein with 21,099 pounds of milk and 708 pounds of protein, while Springwalk Farm Guernseys was honored as the top herd for fat and energy-corrected milk with 929 pounds of fat and 22,679 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Springwalk Farm is also the state’s top-ranked Guernsey herd.

Pine Grove Guernseys and Spring Valley Farm Jerseys shared recognition for having the lowest somatic cell count among the colored breed herds.

State rankings. Pine Grove Guernseys are ranked as the fourth highest Guernsey herd in the state, while Spring Valley Farm is ranked as the seventh highest Jersey herd in the state.

Other herds ranked in the top 10 include Springwalk Farm Holsteins, 10th; Dar-Re Farm, third; and Hyland Acres Ltd., ninth.

Ayrdell Farm is the state’s top Ayrshire herd with 18,991 pounds of milk, 789 pounds of fat, 614 pounds of protein and 21,094 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Improvement. Ayrdell Farm was honored as the Most Improved Elite Herd with an increase of 73 pounds of fat, 46 pounds of protein and 1,952 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Lester Schlabach was honored as the Most Improved Elite Herd with an increase of 2,258 pounds of milk.

Dean Wolboldt was recognized as the Most Improved Herd with 2,811 pounds of milk, 110 pounds of fat, 90 pounds of protein and 2,959 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

High producers. Springwalk Farm walked away with the top awards for several high-producing cows.

It had the top 2-year-old Holstein cow with 35,070 pounds of milk, 1,369 pounds of fat, 1,020 pounds of protein and 36,948 pounds of energy-corrected milk; the top 5-year-old Holstein with 38,280 pounds of milk, 1,940 pounds of fat and 46,206 pounds of energy-corrected milk; and the top 3-year-old Holstein with 1,188 pounds of protein.

They also had the top colored breed cow, a 3-year-old Guernsey who produced 33,540 pounds of milk, 1,813 pounds of fat, 1,165 pounds of protein and 43,300 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Also receiving awards for top production in the colored breeds were Spring Valley Farm Jerseys for the high cow for protein with 793 pounds of protein; Dar-Re Farm Jerseys with the high cow for milk with 23,460 pounds of milk; and Hyland Acres Jerseys with the high cow for fat and energy-corrected milk with 1,198 pounds of fat and 27,530 pounds of energy-corrected milk.

Spring Hill Farm had the High Lifetime Production award winner with a cow producing 233,480 pounds of milk, 10,848 pounds of fat and 7,901 pounds of protein in six lactations.

Elections. Elected to the Holmes County DHI Committee were Mike Hochstetler, Harold Miller, Tim Miller and Dale Mohler.

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