Horseman’s Council towpath ride big success



On Saturday, May 5, the Stark County chapter of the Ohio Horseman’s Council held its annual trail ride on the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail from Navarre to Zoar.

This was our largest ride yet! There were 160-plus riders who made the 11-mile trip, with more than 90 trucks and trailers to be parked, 46 of these moved to Zoar for the one-way riders. More than 120 had lunch at the Zoar Tavern. Over 70 riders rode both ways.

The trail was shared with a hiking and nature group that left Zoar and hiked to Bolivar, and over 50 canoers who traveled the river.

What a beautiful sight with all the horses stretched out in a line! What a beautiful parade of horses and riders for the folks in Bolivar. Riders came from all over Ohio to ride with us on this beautiful day.

Talk about dollars to the economy. If is roughly figured, persons on this ride spent well over a total of $3 million to be able to own and travel with their horses! This is just a conservative average.

Considering the cost of fuel these days, it was an expensive trip for most!

A lot of thank yous are due to everyone. A ride this size cannot take place without the help of many nonriders. Everyone’s help was appreciated.

Bill Baker

Ride Chairman

Stark County Horseman’s Council

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