Hunter pleads no contest, gets jail time for violations


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Three men from northeast Ohio are facing maximum fines, hunting privilege suspensions and jail time after being convicted of hunting on private property without permission of the landowner, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.
State Wildlife Officer Mike Reed apprehended the three men on the opening day of deer-gun season, Nov. 27.
Reed received several complaints about these individuals engaging in illegal activity involving wildlife over the past several years. The men appeared in the Muskingum County Court before Judge Eric Martin.
Sentences. Mark Rice, 39, of Garfield Heights, pled no contest to three charges, including: hunting without permission, not meeting the blaze orange requirements for deer-gun season and aiding a juvenile in hunting without permission.
Rice was fined $1500, his hunting privileges were suspended for five years, and his firearm as well as the juvenile’s firearm were ordered forfeited and he was ordered to serve 30 days in jail.
John Murphy, 29, of Newburgh, pled no contest to one charge of hunting without permission. Murphy was fined $500, his firearm was ordered forfeited, and his hunting privileges were suspended for five years.
Randy Parker, 38, of Parma, pled no contest to the charge of aiding in hunting without permission. Parker was fined $500, his hunting privileges were suspended for five years and he was ordered to serve 10 days jail time.
The law. The landowner’s written permission is required for hunting and trapping on private land, regardless of whether the land is posted.
A person must carry written permission at all times while engaging in hunting or trapping on private land.


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