Knox Co. turkey brings $1,575 bid


UTICA, Ohio – The Hot Rods American Petroleum Company purchased both the grand champion and reserve champion market hogs to kick off a successful swine sale at the Knox County junior fair animal sale.

They purchased Cassie Pinkerton’s grand champion for a bid of $10 per pound on the 271 pound hog.

After having their picture taken with the grand champion hog they returned to the stands to make the highest bid of $8.25 on Devani Adam’s reserve champion weighing 266 pounds.

During the hog sale the average was $2.31 not including the champion’s bids.

Steers. The 1,308-pound grand champion beef steer raised by Jason Van Houten was sold to T.R.W. at the bid of $4 per pound.

The reserve champion steer weighing 1,277 pounds sold by Andrew Algire to Fredericktown Chevrolet at $2 per pound.

The average price of a beef steer was 80 cents per pound.

The 1,231-pound champion dairy steer raised by Curtis Miller sold to Farm Credit Services for $1.50 per pound.

Vanessa Magers sold her reserve champion dairy steer to Dale’s Cardinal Market for $1.25 per pound. The calf weighed 1,395 pounds.

The average price for the market dairy steers not including the champions was 81 cents per pound.

Lambs. During the market lamb sale People’ Savings Bank bought Jordan Shriver’s grand champion single weighing 125 pounds for $7 per pound.

Cole Tharp was also able to sell his reserve champion lamb, weighing 122 pounds, at a price of $5 per pound to Huff’s Fine Jewelry.

The average price for the rest of the lambs in the sale was $3.40 per pound.

The grand champion pen of three weighing 417 pounds raised by Jamie Banbury sold to Danville Mini Mart for $3 per pound.

Linsey Howell sold her reserve pen of three to Killbuck Savings Bank for $3.75. Her three sheep weighed 396 pounds.

Feeder calves. The grand champion dairy feeder raised by Bryan Johnson weighed 492 pounds. Small’s Sand and Gravel paid the price of $3.20 per pound.

Cole Tharp had the reserve champion dairy feeder weighing 594 which sold for $2 per pound to Robertson Truck Company.

The average price of the feeders without the champion bids was $1.40 per pound.

During the small animal sale the goats kicked off the sale by selling the grand champion market wether owned by Chantele Hazen to Boyd Brothers for $11.25 on a 92 pound goat.

Hannah Matheny’s reserve champion sold to Hammons Logging Company at a price of $10.50 for her 81 pound homegrown goat.

The average goat price not receiving champion status was $6 per pound.

Rabbits. The champion rabbit fryers raised by Jenny Dilts sold to Sheriff David Barber at a total of $675.

The reserve champion fryers raised by Morgan Stull sold to county commissioner Tom McLaman for a fee of $550.

The average price not including the champions for rabbits was $234.78.

Chickens. The broiler chicken grand champion sold for $900 to Small’s Sand and Gravel. The pen of three was raised by David Haught.

Sam Highnam’s reserve champion pen sold to First Knox Bank at a rate of $1,050.

The average price not including the champions was $296.74.

Turkeys. The champion turkey raised by Taylor Myatt sold to Ross Jeep Eagle for a whopping $1,575.

Cuddy Farms made the top bid of $1,000 for the reserve champion raised by Trenton Buckingham.

The four other turkeys sold at an average of $168.75.

Dairy products. Also selling in the sale was the dairy product in which the exhibitor that shows the supreme champion dairy animal receives 15 percent of the proceeds then the rest of the 13 dairy exhibitors were able to divide evenly.

The supreme champion dairy cow was shown by Robin Alden. The total raised for this year was $4,430.

The funds were donated by several companies and individuals.


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