Learn to deal with estate planning with new home course


MEDINA, Ohio – We don’t like to think about it, nor do we want to admit that one day we will die.

The eventual settling of an estate can be a simple, matter-of-fact experience for heirs, or a lingering nightmare.

The easy part of estate planning is transferring as much as possible to heirs. However, the most challenging and difficult part is the “getting along”.

Estate plans need to consider the feelings of the parents and children, or other heirs so the family is as close as possible after the death and settling of the estate of a loved one.

An Estate Planning Letter Study Course is available to start you on an estate plan. You can proceed at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

The course is easy to understand, even for those not good in financial or legal matters. Both personal and financial aspects of estate planning are covered.

The study consists of 12 weekly lessons which are mailed directly to you. The first lesson arrives in January.

Each lesson contains a 2-8 page lesson, 1-2 pages of questions on the lesson, and an answer sheet for the previous lesson. Each participant will receive a notebook in which to store the lessons.

This course can save money. However, the main benefit will be that you will be more at ease with estate planning, thus more willing to proceed with your plan.

To enroll, send your name, address and check for $25 to OSU Extension, Ashtabula County, 39 Wall Street, Jefferson, OH 44047; call 440-576-9008; fax 440-576-5811.


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