Lecture series highlights Ohio’s growth to present day


COLUMBUS – The Ohio Bicentennial Commission’s higher education advisory council is coordinating “Ohio and the World,” a seven-part lecture series profiling Ohio at 50-year intervals from before statehood to present day.

Lecture schedule. The schedule of events is as follows:

* April 2 Columbus/April 3 Newark: Circa 1753 – Native Ohioans: Society and Culture Before European Settlement, Lecturer: R. David Edmunds, Watson Professor of American History, University of Texas;

* April 9 Columbus/April 10 Cincinnati: Circa 1803 – Statehood, Culture Contact, European Settlement, and the Road to Freedom, Lecturer: James O. Horton, Benjamin Banneker Professor of American Civilization, George Washington University;

Slavery, Civil War. * April 16 Columbus/April 17 Toledo: Circa 1853 – Prologue to War; Slavery, Social Conflict and the Civil War, Lecturer: Eric Foner, DeWitt Clinton Professor of History, Columbia University;

* May 7 Columbus/May 8 Dayton: Circa 1903 – First in Flight, Industrialization, Invention and Suffrage, Lecturer: Kathryn Kish Sklar, Distinguished Professor of History and Director, Center for Historical Study of Women and Gender, State University of New York at Binghamton;

The 1950s. * May 14 Columbus/May 15 Cleveland: Circa 1953 – The Disappearance of Main Street and the Passing of Agrarian Society; Ohio at War and Civil Rights, Lecturer: James Patterson, Ford Foundation Professor of History, Brown University;

* May 21 Columbus/May 22 Athens: Circa 2003 – A Changing Society: The New World Economy and Globalization, Lecturer: Herbert Asher, Professor of Political Science Emeritus, The Ohio State University;

* June 12 Columbus: Circa 2053 – A Retrospective of Higher Education, Social Progress and Ohio’s Quality of Life: Education and Prosperous Future for Ohio, Lecturer: William E. Kirwan, Chancellor-Select, University of Maryland.

Further information is available by calling the Humanities Council at 1-800-293-9774, or by visiting www.ohiohumanities.org.


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