Farmers must stand united



I’d like to address the continued criticism that Farm Bureau has taken over the HSUS compromise, as I see that many people are still upset by it.

Farm Bureau leadership made the decision they thought they had to make at the time, whether you agree with it or not, it was made. How many of us agree with all of the decisions and policies made by our government, church or school leaders? All of this continued criticism is just what the HSUS wants — they specialize in dividing up the opposition, so we need to stop and stand together.

Whether we like it or not, agriculture and our rural lifestyle in Ohio is coming under severe attack from a variety of places. So whether you have one horse or raise two acres of strawberries or milk 1000 cows or farm 5000 acres, we need to stand together to protect Ohio agriculture and our rural lifestyle.

PEOPLE, there is strength in numbers. While there are several fine agricultural organizations in Ohio, I feel that Farm Bureau does an outstanding job standing up for agriculture and our rural lifestyle and they can only do that through a strong membership. As a proud member for 29 years, I have seen a lot of great things that Farm Bureau has done to keep agriculture, as well as our rural lifestyle, strong.

So please, for the good of all agriculture, and our rural lifestyle, it’s time to put this decision behind us and move forward to fight the other issues facing us. To fight this massive fight, we all need to GET INVOLVED and STAND TOGETHER.

Farm Bureau is still out there fighting for us and they need everyone’s support, and your membership. Please renew or join today; together we can keep agriculture strong and our rural lifestyle comfortable.

Ed Rumburg

Chardon, Ohio


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  1. Does Mr. Rumburg believe that anyone who supports the HSUS wishes to destroy farmers?

    Does Mr. Rumburg understand how absolutely INSULTING this is to the average person who is simply interested in a better existence for livestock?

    Does he actually believe that my family is too stupid to understand where our food comes from?
    Does Mr. Rumberg believe we are so stupid that ‘we don’t understand’ the Hsus?
    Ot that we must slavishly bite the bullet of misinformation and rhetoric disguised as ‘fact’ aimed at us by hired corporate guns?

    My family and many of our friends and millions of other ‘average’ Americans have been labeled ‘terrorists’ and ‘communists’ and every sort of vile epithet merely because we do not view the Hsus as the anti-christ.
    This is simply obscene.
    Is Mr. Rumburg aware that only 1% of the population is ‘vegan’?
    Or that this number has remained relatively unchanged for many years?
    Is Mr. Rumburg so blinded by fear that he thinks the 99% of us who are NOT ‘vegan’ would allow the other 1% to starve us to death?

    We ARE consumers, after all.
    And are very very tired of being insulted and maligned .
    Only a fool wants…or believes he can…’destroy farmers’ .
    And only a fool believes such a thing can happen.

    CHANGE happens.
    This is a fact of life.
    It happens in every business and every institution and every person.
    Why the agricultural community feels it is EXEMPT from change defies reason
    and common sense.

      • Thank you Rachel & Sookie, for your support.
        I have been trying to get this point across for longer than I want to remember.
        It’s is simply inexplicable that the agricultural ‘community’ would malign and insult the vast majority of their consumers because of the antics of a few misguided ‘loonies’.
        What other business or corporation or company would do such a thing to their customers?
        It is as if they feel they can ‘bully’ us simply because we MUST feed ourselves and our families.
        I cannot understand it.

  2. I believe that anyone that supports HSUS is unaware of the real agenda of animal rights activists. I feel they are well meaning people being manipulated by clever tactics & slick PR by those unfettered by ethics and the need to give a true and balanced picture of the issues.

    Google Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. You will see how radicals are manipulating the public using these rules. Radicals know that ordinary people will not support their agenda. Therefore they must use lies and false information.

    I do believe it is good to view all points of view with an open mind before making a decision. The old saying, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” has some wisdom in it. Especially when dealing with the media that can be easily manipulated.

  3. I think Ohio farmers need to stand united just like they did to vote in the Ohio livestock care standard board. Too bad the Ohio farm bureau forgot that when they ignored the voters and made the deal with HSUS. Since the Ohio farm bureau has the same officers now as they did then, I find it hard to believe that they will stand united with the rest of USAs farm bureaus and oppose HSUS and other animal rights groups.

  4. I think its od some one supporting ohio farm bureau telling us stand as one the Ohio farm bureau is the one how sold out the ohio animal owners why support a group that don’t support the animal owners jack fisher is friends with wayne pacelle in face book what a trader


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