Strickland ignored voters wishes



One man, Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker of the U.S. District in California, thwarted the will of 7 million California voters by striking down the homosexual marriage ban they approved.

As your readers know, one man, Gov. Ted Strickland, thwarted the will of Ohio voters by undercutting the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

The farm community has to find a way, between now and November, to inform the public that Strickland, behind closed doors, in concert with a number of pliant Ohio agricultural organizations, and without public hearings or input by the voter-approved livestock board, caved to the threats of an Ohio nonresident, the fanatic vegan, Wayne Pacelle.

Wayne Pacelle is head of the radical anti-farm Humane Society of the United States.

Gov. Strickland arbitrarily agreed to measures that will further Pacelle’s radical agenda of one day seeing the elimination of dairy, poultry, beef and pork products.

When, in the coming months, the residents of Ohio find themselves livid over the increase in the cost of dairy, poultry, beef and pork products, they should think of three words; Gov. Ted Strickland.

Clyde Nehrenz

Wellington, Ohio

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  1. Well stated Clyde. The Ag Council/OFBF that sat in on this agreement with the Gov. and HSUS have went beyond their powers. By “agreeing” to the 10 points, AG/OFBF overstepped their authority on the Senate Bill 95 issue and the Exotic Animal Ban, these organizations have no jurisdiction over these 2 issues. The Gov overstepped his authority by agreeing to the Ban because only black bears are native to Ohio, the remainder of the “exotic animals” on the list are under the control of USDA.

    Look what HSUS did to California and how will the forced Proposition 2 of California affect Ohio? We sell eggs to that state and in 2015 we will only be able to do that if they are free range eggs. More lost revenue for our egg producers, yet the Ohio Poultry Association claims it’s all good. HiQ farms was attempting to build a new site in our state, more revenue, jobs but this Agreement will stop that if they don’t break ground before 12/31/10. Look at the feed and other agriculture that this facility would need to purchase.

    Don’t think that HSUS is not working from inside our state, in Jan 2010, they gave 1.5 million dollars to Ohioans for Humane Farms and on the day of the agreement, they gave 2 more donations. This is public information on the state Campaign Finance website at you can do a search on the word humane and see the donations.

    The HSUS is not the devil as some comments would say, they are simply a Dictatorship “lobbying group” that have never stepped foot on a farm. Every farmer, pet owner and animal owner needs to get involved and stop this. How? by calling the governor’s office, call the ODA, OPA, ODNR, your state reps, tell them you do not support any of this agreement and they need to stand up to HSUS like NC did and force them out.

    The Hunters stood up to them in this state and won, we can too.

    I see it as the Gov has 2 options this year…Kiss Wayne’s butt and get money or kiss the farmers/animal owners butt and get votes. He can’t have it both ways.

  2. We need to speak out to all farmers and join forces to make sure Strickland and OFBF get the point this Fall Ohio needs New leaders From the Governors Office to the OHIO FARM BUREAU I called Strickland’s office Yesterday Aug, 18,2010 and asked about a letter I wrote Strickland four weeks ago I was told he could answer my questions I asked if Strickland supported HSUS and was told YES I asked how can you support HSUS and the Ohio Farmers I was Told he doesn’t support the way farmers farm in Ohio he did support HSUS I was also told yesterday By the OFBF WE could have never won a battle with HSUS No State has well I the state Of NC. they did win The Dog Breeders and the Hog Breeders did win the battle with HSUS but you have to have a back bone to fight OHIO FARM BUREAU leaders have no back bone they only can sell out the hard working farmers and animal breeders in this state HOW PAYS THEIR CHECKS?? I was thought they worked for the farmers WE DON’T NEED LEADERS IN OHIO THAT MAKE BACK ROOM DEALS THEN TELL US THEY DIDN’T

  3. I would like every one how reads this to call Governor Ted Strickland and just ask if Strickland Support HSUS they will tell you Yes he does ask them and your self how you can support farming and HSUS They want the complete extinction of domestic animals How do you Farm with out Animals??? Its hard to get milk eggs from a plant MAYBE OFBF and Strickland land know some thing we don’t HSUS says the bible is not the true word of God They never eat any meat HOW is running this country?? Strickland and The Ohio Farm Bureau and PETA A group listed by the FBI as a terrorist group


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