The steep human cost…



As the Federal Reserve Continues to try and improve our economy, to no avail, a major action that could be done to help provide relief to ALL Americans: eliminate all the Executive Orders that have slowed or halted the production of oil and natural gas. The transition away from oil and natural gas will take decades, if ever.

With a rapid attempt to do so creating negative effects on the economy, Americans are seeing the ripple effects in living day to day now. Too many Americans cannot afford food, housing, rent, vehicles, and other day to day costs of living under current policies.

Those who are in the most challenging financial situations pay the steepest price for the unrealistically rapid transitions asked of them.

We all want the environment to be the cleanest, healthiest possible. We all want our standards of living to be maintained as well. Therefore, human cost should be a consideration as well as environmental.

While the U.S. has made great strides to this end, the activists of the world, as well as domestic groups, need to focus on countries that are not attempting to improve their environment, but instead blaming the U.S. Our world is very dependent on our environment.

Our economy is dependent on improving our industries instead of rushing headlong in to changes that, as of today, are not viable overall and are very costly to the average family. While keeping our standards of living across all walks of life, we need to focus on viable solutions rather than letting activists focus on one aspect of environmental issues without considering the consequences of efficiency and affordability to the average family.

Unfortunately, the least economically stable families suffer the most from extreme policies forced upon them.

Gary Conklin
Plain City, Ohio

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