United States building highway to socialism


At a time that we are being drowned in a sea of illegal aliens and at risk daily from Islamo-fascist terrorists, the Bush administration is quietly advancing the construction of a massive superhighway that will all but obliterate our borders with Canada and Mexico.
The short-term goal? To make it easier for cheap foreign goods from Asia to be transported from ports in Canada and Mexico into the United States.
The long-term goal? To form a “”North American Union”” with Canada and Mexico that will create a single continent-wide entity without borders, tariffs and customs.
But that is all smoke and mirrors, which is why this “”superhighway,”” which will soon begin construction in Texas, is being developed under the radar screen and why it is absolutely crucial that we band together to stop this globalist nightmare before it’s too late.
Millions of homes, ranches, farms, businesses and whole communities will be bulldozed under eminent domain as thousands of miles of new highway are paved.
Taxes and tolls will go up all across the nation to help pay for the construction of the “”superhighway.””
Do we really want Canada and Mexico dictating to us on these vital issues? Canada is one of the most enthusiastic globalist nations in the Western world, signing onto just about every socialist environmental treaty.
Canada has:
? Banned the death penalty;
? Imposed draconian restrictions on guns rights;
? Legalized homosexual marriages;
? Refused to cooperate with the United States in both Iraq and the development of a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and most recently;
? Encouraged members of our armed forces to desert and seek haven in Canada.
Meanwhile, Mexico, one of the most corrupt nations on earth, is constantly lecturing America on human rights while actively encouraging its own citizens to sneak into our nation, break our laws and live off our welfare system.
So again, do we really want either Canada or Mexico telling us how to secure “”North America’s”” borders?
I say no, no and no.
It would hurt you, our savings, our retirement, our economy, our security, our independence and me.
Canadians and Mexicans would get richer – at our expense.
Together, our two neighbors have ruined their economies with high taxes, oppressive regulations and massive welfare-state programs.
Believe me, we will become one with these two socialist nations at our own peril.
Capt. G. Russell Evans
Norfolk, Va.


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