What a year for animal owners in Ohio


This year started out with Humane Society of the United States hiring signature gathers who lied to the people about what they were signing. Then Gov. Strickland and Ohio Farm Bureau handed Ohio’s animal owners over to HSUS in a backroom deal.

Now we have a new governor, and we need new leadership at the Farm Bureau — leaders with a backbone not like the spineless ones we have the now.

I feel the current leaders who sold us out don’t get a second chance to do it again. We need leaders that will stand up for this state’s No. 1 employer — agriculture.

Leaders who do not bow to the president of an out-of-state animal rights group.

We in Ohio need men and women who are not afraid to stand up and not give up our right to private business.

Farming is a private business. Without animals our business is gone.

The new governor has appointed a new director in the Department of Agriculture. He has spoke up against the animal rights group saying they have no place in Ohio.

We need to let the new governor know that Ohio has good laws already, we don’t need more.

The animal rights people say animals run wild in towns and cities across Ohio. They lie; we have to have a license for all native animals and a USDA license for non-native animals.

Animal rights groups want to shut down our livestock sale barns. This year they have attacked the poultry, veal, pork, exotic and the dog breeders.

The commodity leaders joined forces with them. Why?

If we don’t make changes in this state and take a stand, the animal rights groups will walk all over us.

The sad thing is that Ohio Farm Bureau is helping them. Why in Ohio would the OFBF be a part of the shutting down of family farms? Why would its leaders sell out Ohio family farmers?

Why would they feel a need to make friends with the enemy? Can Ohio family farmers take a chance they will make the same mistake?

Ohio Farm Bureau has made backroom deals, they did July 30.

Can we, as hard working Ohio farmers, trust leaders that lead us down the wrong path? A path that they paved just for HSUS.

We were handed over in July without knowing until http://www.humanewatch.org and Ohio Association of Animal Owners let us know.

The people of Ohio let Ted Strickland know how they felt. Now is the time for Ohio to let the Ohio Farm Bureau know. If we don’t, we will have the animal rights people in our barns with their cameras.

Ohio attorney general’s office states they can in the name of animal rights, but I forgot, he was voted out also.

With a change at the statehouse, we now need a change at Nationwide Plaza. Clean house with new Ohio Farm Bureau leaders. Ohio needs to restore its backbone. We have already started, let’s keep it up.

Don’t support a group that doesn’t support Ohio family farmers or Ohio animal owners.

Butch Hash
Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. I agree with you Butch, the hsus DOES NOT belong in Ohio. Let’s kick them out and let them try to pass a ballot initative. All the hsus will do is play/prey on the heart strings of the unknowing/uninformed population in the larger cities with the most extreme cases and make it sound like it is everyday activities. We can fight that with known facts, the truth, and god help a little common sense. Hopefully the truth will prevail. But we must be proactive RIGHT NOW and spread the message with as many people as we can and inform/educate as many people as possible of the hsus’s tactics and how they conduct business.

    • Here’s a wacky idea — how about farmers in Ohio listen to what their customers have to say. We don’t want to consume the meat of a tortured animal. HSUS is merely voicing our concerns. Cut out the extreme confinement…just as Temple Grandin wants you to do and slaughter humanely!

      • The hsus has blown the whole thing way out of hand, and uniformed society beleives nearly everything the hsus pukes out. You do realize that the hsus probably stages and doctors alot of the films that they show to society to make it look about 10x’s worse than it really is. This is the way the hsus works. If you don’t like the current methods of slaughter then raise your own meat slaughter it yourself. Then and only then you will find that that is no “real” way to slaugther anything “humanely”. Death is death; so get out of your soap box and raise your own food.

      • First of all let’s cut to the chase. Temple Grandin has wonderful ideas, they have been embraced for years by many farmers. What you say is that everyone wants this “how about farmers in Ohio listen to what their customers have to say” — so what you are proposing is that we look at the supply and demand method to see if indeed customers want what you claim. Why don’t you take a moment to look some information like that up. How about you call a few dozen stores, in fact. I did and here is what I heard probably 8 out of 10 times…the store was pressured into carrying a larger selection of food that includes organic and special meat products – but here’s the kicker….even though people voiced concern and wanted this – the stores are selling the items marked down (before they expire) and many times throwing out the stuff because people don’t BUY it. So if you go by the supply and demand method then it’s just not there. Additionally – Ohio already has standards in place for humane slaughter…this isn’t about humane slaughter, which is some great HSUS idea you swoopedin on – it is about letting afarmers farm their way…this is their bread & butter and they aren’t going to do anything to harm their income. Humane slaughter has nothing to do with it…it is about caring for the animals. Quite watching those spplice videos and maybe you’ll see that for yourself!

      • im sorry but the HSUS wants you to think the animals are confined. Lets see i was almost tempted to take pics of a dairy farm near me. Funny thing, every one of those cows were outside in GRASS. oh my gosh they actually go outside. Yes they actually do get to go outside. Happy looking cows, then the next farm i seen dairy cows WAITING to go back into the barn to be milked. GHEE they really looked abused. HA HA.

        My husband said i should have taken pics of them to show the hsus what really a dairy farm is like instead of what they think it is like/

  2. Mr. Hash raises a number of questions which were frequently asked immediately following the announcement of the agreement between Ohio Ag groups, Gov. Strickland and HSUS, as well as questions which have long been asked following the deal struck nearly six months ago.

    Ohio Farm Bureau is actively involved in listening and receiving input both online and offline, as well as providing timely responses in areas where inquiries may be addressed. As such, I invite readers to research and gather further insight into Ohio Farm Bureau’s role in and reasoning for the agreement at http://ofbf.org/news-and-events/news/817/ Here you will find a complete archive of all the organization’s online communication following the agreement, where many of the tough questions were answered.

    The search function on the website is also very robust. If readers wish for information on the progress of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board as well, just type it into the search to find the latest.

    • And there is the problem….

      We, in Ohio, passed State Issue 2, which created the OHIO Livestock Care Standards Board. We expect our STATE to define acceptable practices in Ohio, not the HSUS. Why would a group that was established by majority vote turn around and make a deal with an out-of-state animal RIGHTS group? I understand that many Ohioans already are aware of the HSUS and it’s propaganda…but to make an agreement with them behind the backs of Ohioans is not needed. Instead it would make more sense to spend time educating the general public of Ohio as to why farmers do what they do, instead of allowing a group that has made such statements as an ant deserves the same rights as a child! Educate instead of compromise…..

      • Erica you know full well that State Issue 2, which created the OHIO Livestock Care Standards Board was a cynical attempt by ag interests to preempt any meaningful reform. I don’t doubt that Ohio is capable of handling their farmers themselves. But it was business as usual in Ohio until ag got scared that HSUS was coming and funded Issue 2. So now farmers may have to follow some minimal, very minimal standards of decency in their treatment of the animals in their care. Get over it. If you can’t farm humanely then get another line of work.

      • “The HSUS then reached out to the Ohio Farm Bureau to start a dialogue about phasing out certain confinement practices. The Ohio Farm Bureau refused to negotiate, being the corporate shills they are. Instead, the Ohio Farm Bureau with the financial backing of industrial ag pulled an preemptive maneuver by getting a constitutional amendment (Issue 2) on the ballot,
        which they hoped would stymie any meaningful reform.”

        Let’s see….in YOUR opinion this is how it went down. And because they don’t want HSUS involved with deciding our farming policies and practices that makes them corporate shills.

        Here is what the board is supposed to do:
        “Ohio farmers strongly support the proposal to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board because it will ensure animal care is top of mind for all farmers and keep regulatory control of Ohio’s farms where it belongs–in the state

        It allows the people of Ohio to vote for an Ohio solution to animal care issues — one that puts the decision making for livestock care and local food production in the hands of Ohio consumers and Ohio experts in farming, animal well-being and food safety.

        It is important that changes suggested for the entire agriculture community be carefully considered by Ohio experts and supported by science, fact and data.

        Through Issue 2 farmers are taking an unprecedented lead in the nation. Being responsive to the consumers they serve, Ohio farmers are taking a proactive stance to provide for informed, responsible decisions about food and animal care issues in the state through creation of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. ”

        Want more info on it – go to http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Ohio_Livestock_Care_Standards,_Issue_2_(2009)

        Ohio has been very firm in the fact that they do not want an external interest group telling us what to do in our state (HSUS).

        You additional state “cynical attempt by ag interests to preempt any meaningful reform” Really? Cynical attempt…at meaningful reforms? Yes it was done to keep HSUS out of Ohio – but it appears that HSUS took it as an invitiation to come on in and put their changes in place…which is in stark contrast to what the board was set up for. Which is part of the reason why Kasich & Zehringer are going to be looking over the “changes” that HSUS put in place in Ohio. The voters of Ohio already spoke and said they don’t want outside influence by passing Issue 2, but then Strickland met with HSUS to create a backdoor deal that had nothing to do with what Ohio voters agreed to.

  3. I agree farmers,ranchers and the good people of Ohio need to take back Ohio and stand up to the HSUS. Iam posting this on my Facebook, warning people, letting them know what was done here in Ohio. Maybe the next state HSUS goes to will have a chance to fight them.

  4. First, the writer of this letter is an exotic animal dealer, not a farmer. He’s just mad that that Farm Bureau threw the exotic animal owners under the bus. The irony is, he wouldn’t even be affected by the proposed ban on large dangerous exotics. He sells birds and small mammals.

    Second, this is not about “radical out of state activists.” The humane farms initiative got the signatures of 500,000 OHIOANS, and most of these signatures will still be good. I live in Ohio, and I helped gather signatures for this, and I will do it again if I have to. The fact is most people believe that laying hens, pregnant pigs, and veal calves should be able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and spread their limbs.

    Right now under the compromise, farmers have 15 years to phase out gestation crates, and there is NO phase-out of battery cages, just a moratorium on new operations. If you force an election, what you’ll get is a very costly campaign with lots of photos of what actually happens to the animals at places like Ohio Fresh Eggs, which just had to recall hundreds of thousands of eggs due to salmonella. The ballot measure will pass, and farmers will have only seven years to phase out both gestation crates and battery cages. Before you go flying off the handle, you ought to ask yourself what is truly in your best interest.

    • AmyK, I feel sorry for you that you believe the udder BS the HSUS serves you. Have you ever been on a pig farm or a cattle farm? Pregnant pigs will eat and even crush their young when they are born. I have seen this first hand. The seperation of pigs is essential to their well being. We don’t want them turning around. Calves can cause each other injury when not separated. Seperation ensures that each calve is uninjured just for one example. I’ve raised poultry for over 20 years now and no that the majority of the things mentioned about poultry is a lie. I only wish that the human race were smarter. As it stands, the majority really don’t stand a chance if something would happen regarding our economy. The farmers would be fine. They know how to survive and raise their own food. City and suburb citizens would result in violence and theft to survive once the grocery stores started emptying due to mass panic. The actual chances of this happening to the economy is very slim, but it could happen. The hsus would be nothing but a dirty fart and sensless noise much like the vegans and hopeless sapps that support them. Have fun growing beans and lettuce during the winter. Humans need meat to survive when vegitation is sparce. This measure is mearly a stepping stone to more radical agenda. The hsus will never stop trying to take our human rights away in the name of an animal.
      One last thing, you mentioned compromise. What is the hsus giving up? What are they losing? The fact of the matter is that you can compromise/negotiate this radical organizations.

      • Joe, the ballot initiative and agreement with the Farm Bureau does not affect farrowing crates. Those are the crates where sows go in after they have had the piglets to keep them from crushing the piglets. These crates are not affected. What is affected is gestation crates, the crates for the pregnant pigs before she has had piglets. These are the crates so small she cannot stand up, lie down, turn around or spread her limbs comfortably. Many animal welfare scientists including Temple Grandin have called for the phase out of these crates.

        You asked about compromise. The agreement is much weaker than the ballot measure in several respects. The main one concerns battery cages for hens. The initiative would have required battery cages be phased out in seven years. The agreement only bars new battery cage operations from coming into the state. It says nothing about battery cages in existing operations, which can go on using them forever. This is a major point as there are currently 27 million laying hens in the state in battery cages, which the HSUS and many other feel is an inhumane way to house chickens. One practical effect this is having is that it is keeping a huge battery cage operation from Iowa from coming in and setting up a 15 million hen operation in Union County. Most of the residents of that area including me want this operation kept out.

        You also bring up the famous “slippery slope” argument. This is nonsense. The reforms the HSUS is proposing — phase out of three specific types of intense confinement — are modest and supported by a majority of people. If the HSUS wants to campaign for another set of reforms, it will have to bring a NEW ballot measure, get 500,000 MORE signatures, and run an expensive time consuming campaign AGAIN. Believe me, the HSUS has other things to do than continually push new measures in the same state, and even if it did do that, you can vote against it then. If the HSUS puts a measure to outlaw meat on the ballot, I’ll join you in voting against it. But at the rate we are going, it will be sometime in the 25th century before that happens.

      • Amy – I do NOT see how you can say it was supported by the majority of people….I can name many, MANY people who do not and will not support it, especially due to the HSUS’s involvement in it. Why do you think Strickland was voted out of office…the Buckeye Compromise was a good part of that reason. Many Ohioans do not want to be told what to do – especially not by a group like HSUS. We created a board in Ohio to handle our agriculture issues and make needed changes. HSUS took advantage of this new group and tried to push through their agenda without majority vote. I say let HSUS bring on the battle and try to put something on our ballot in 2012. Meanwhile I can’t wait for Kasich & Zehringer to get their hands on the Buckeye Compromise and start making changes based on their experts opinions!

    • If you know so much about me AmyK, then you would know that I grew up on a Dairy Farm, I raise farm animals as well as exotics. Based on your statement, I’d say you were one of the people I wouldn’t allow to around my property taking pictures under the identity of a buyer. I’ve been raising animals for over 20 years and dealing with Animal Rights people the whole time.

      Second, the paid out of state signature gatherers did lie to Ohioans and Ohioans for Humane Farms is part of HSUS. When the Paid liars showed up at the Tuscawaras Fair Grounds and lied to members of the Farm Bureau telling them that the OFBF supported the Ballot Initiative when in fact they did not. They were escorted off the property and even used abusive language and gestures toward the very people they lied to for having them removed.

      HSUS will flood the tv and newspapers with lies and twisted half-truths, that’s how they operate. Take a look at the map of voting results from Missouri, the only places they got votes was the 3 major cities, the rest of the state voted against the Puppy Mill bill, it barely made it but to hear HSUS tell the story, it was some huge gap (49% to 51% I believe was the final count). And what about HSUS, they have already “warned” (more like threatened) the New Governor and ODA Director yet they stand back and say they don’t believe in strong arming. HSUS is hypocritical at best. They don’t care about animals, if they did, they would with people not against them. You are the one that has been fooled.

      You might also want to read the “agreement” a bit closer, it clearly states that any new facilities for egg layers must be cage free. That stops any new businesses from starting in this state and stops creating jobs.

      Lastly, what is truly in MY best interest is keeping HSUS and those that blindly follow their hypocritical, back-stabbing, lunatic leader out of Ohio for the Animals Welfare and I stand for all Animal Owners, regardless of what they own.

    • Amy… Ohio is more than capable of handling their farmers themselves. Since you also live in Ohio then you should know that our states has always been mainly an ag state, and most farmers are aware that they have to treat their animals good to get a good return on their “investment”. I am proud that Kasich got elected & he appointed Jim Zehringer to handle this. You can try to threaten everyone with the whole “collecting signature” thing…but I guarantee that it won’t go through a 2nd time. Especially not now with everyone knowing about it BEFORE it can go through. I am an Ohioan and PROUD to be one….I also have taken the time to do a thorough investigation of HSUS and their activities and do NOT want them in MY state. I’ll be the one on the other side pushing against you trying to let HSUS put any laws in place in Ohio. I honestly don’t know how you can support anything HSUS does….they are supposed to be animal rights people – they equate a pigs life with your own, but they still think it’s okay to kill dogs & cats in shelters all around the US – hypocritical to the core!!!!

  5. animals need to beable to stand up ,move around ect.veal calves also need to be seperate from eachother for thier own safty. HSUS and thier vegan buddies don’t give a hoot about the animals they thank anyone who eats meat is an animal abuser.HSUS is going state to state fazing out exotic animals,ciecus animals,hunting, faemers and ranchers.you name it they wana get rid of it. Check out thier web sight sometime.Lots of money being donated for the animals but none of it actually going to the animals.

  6. HSUS has a well oiled PR machine. Kasich seems to shoot from the hip. It will take organization to fend off more incursions from the animal rights people. If Kasich wants to stir up that hornets nest I hope he has a plan.

  7. Animal Welfare is not Animal Rights. Animal Welfare is what Animal Owners take into consideration. Animal Rights (and the Animal Rights Agenda they follow) wants to do away with all animal ownership.

    Think about this (I have asked HSUS Ohio Director Karen Minton these very questions yet have not received an answer to date):
    1. “In 1980 at HSUS’s annual meeting, the group made it official policy to – and I quote – ‘pursue on all fronts … the clear articulation and establishment of the rights of all animals … within the full range of American life and culture.’ If HSUS is trying to give so-called ‘rights’ to cows, pigs, and chickens, why wouldn’t that completely destroy the entire livestock industry?”
    2. “Can you name a specific meat, dairy, or egg brand that you and the Humane Society of the United States have endorsed?”
    3. “If you got a federal law passed that demanded a nation-wide switch to the kind of livestock production mandated by California’s ‘Proposition 2’ law, would you and HSUS be satisfied with your achievement and completely dissolve the animal-agriculture part of the HSUS organization?”
    4. “Is there such a thing as meat that’s ‘humane’ enough that your ethics permit you personally to eat it? If so, where can we buy some? If not, what’s the difference between HSUS and PETA?”
    5. “In HSUS’s Articles of Incorporation – its founding documents – you’ll find the following declaration: ‘No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall consist of the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.’ Has that been changed since 1954? If not, what on earth HSUS been doing all these years? Isn’t your job to propagandize and influence legislation? Isn’t that what Prop. 2 in California and Prop. B in Missouri were all about?”

    And in case you didn’t know it: Ohioans for Humane Farms, an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, said it has more than enough signatures to put an animal-housing initiative to state voters in the fall, reports Meatingplace.com.

  8. It is time that the people in the US stand up and say ENOUGH to the agendas if the ARAs. People have rights, not animals. I do believe in animal welfare but not rights. Why should the majority of Americans have to give into what a small group with a deep pockets says is the only way to live? I was always lead to believe we lived in a democracy.

    I was angered and ashamed when Gov.Strickland and the Farm Bureau caved to the demands of the HSUS. Never even gave the new board a chance to get their feet wet before they started second guessing them and allowing the HSUS to once again bully our state.

    I am hoping that our new governor will have the backbone to stand up for the people of this state that need animals to make a living and for those who just have them as companions. It doesn’t matter how well an animal is kept if even one person thinks they are treated badly we all have to live in fear of an assault by the ARAs.

  9. Once again, a friendly reminder from us here at Farm and Dairy:

    We appreciate feedback on the topics that appear on our page, but also remind users to remain civil, constructive and on-topic in their conversations. Posts that are off-topic, contain vulgarity or that may be considered a personal attack will be removed or edited. Thanks for your cooperation and continued engagement on our website.

    • Susan- you have repeatedly made that point…However, you ARE allowing personal attacks to be made on ALL of us farmers, breeders, and exotics owners. Every time these AR people write in, they ARE attacking us, and when we defend ourselves, we are deemed in the wrong. Take for example the above post which tells us farmers to “get a different line of work”. If that isnt a personal attack, I dont know what is. But when we tell that person “if they dont like it, boycott us farmers and starve”, you delete it. The outright truth is that this ENTIRE animal rights movement IS AN ATTACK upon us-I can understand your point, but the viciousness comes from being attacked…I do NOT think you CAN handle this topic without accepting that this is just PART of the topic.

      • Personal attacks are different than industry-wide attacks. We have deleted or edited comments on both sides that use name-calling or inappropriate language. Your comment that was deleted previously was not necessarily deleted because of the line you quote here, but for what came after it. All we ask is for a little civil discourse, here, folks.

      • Okay, Suzanne..NOW we can see things clearer..Not to be off-topic or rude, several of us have noticed occassional tendencies that appeared anti-farm in your comments. Without meaning to be rude, I would like to take this time to point out that you are somewhat “out-of-touch” with us farmers. You consider animal-rights attacks on us farmers “industry-wide” attacks…Let me make this VERY plain-WE FARMERS CONSIDER THESE ATTACKS EXTREMELY PERSONAL-PERIOD!!!!

        Our farms are not just “businesses”-they ARE our life-part of our soul. That VERY much includes our animals. Our farms are where we raise our children and teach them about all aspects of life-from the joy of births, the struggles within life, and the sad part of death. This is NOT ONLY for animals, but for us humans as well. There is not enough room here but suffice it to say there is much more on this subject…Animal rights groups are INVADING not only our privacy-but our ENTIRE LIVES. Please open your eyes and see this…to us-it is NOT just an attack on our industtry-it is an outright attack on our families, souls, beliefs, and our characters.

        While I can truly understand your “refereeing”, please understand that you have misjudged something that we take differently-these AR attacks ARE personal-not just “industry” attacks.

      • I tend to agree – the AR people have gone so far as to say we are animal abusers….just because we don’t support their position. So why is that allowed on this comment list?

  10. Amyk
    another thing you are wrong on ” THE SOW IS PUT IN THE FARROWING CREAT BEFORE THE PIGS ARE BORN<NOT AFTERWARDS" you have not been around a sow with pigletts have you? so how can you be an expert on hogs if you didn't know that!

    • Regan, please reread my post. I said the exact opposite. Sows go in gestation crates when they are pregnant. Hence the term, gestation crate. They go into farrowing crates after the piglets are born. The farrowing crates slow the sow in standing up and lying down so she will not crush the piglets. The modest measures that the HSUS has supported in any state including Ohio affect only gestation crates, not farrowing crates.

      • That’s fine, but the point is that the humane farms initiative affects only gestation crates, not farrowing crates, and the compromise gives farmers 15 years to phase them out. That is a very long time. Even brand new equipment lasts only 15 years. If this goes back to the ballot, the original initiative allows only seven years.

  11. HumaneWatch is a front group backed by the meat industry through Rick Berman and his site “Center for Consumer Freedom.” What a joke! This guy also has worked for the alcohol industry against Mothers Against Drunk Driving and originally worked for the big tobacco industry. HumaneWatch is just one of the many groups created by Berman when he sets out to, for money, discredit a reputable organization…in this case the HSUS. Because of the continued progress of the HSUS on behalf of farm animals, the meat industry has felt the pinch, and so has felt the need to hire the likes of Berman.

  12. Rachel, many could say that HSUS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s see they spend 40 cents to raise every dollar they get, and then when they do get money less than 1/2 of 1% goes to those animals that everyone gets all boo-hooy about on TV. How about the fact that HSUS hires those charity phone solicitors to raise money…did you know that HSUS only got approximately 11% from the last one they used? How about this one….you are supporting a group that continually says they are here for the animals…and yet we have examples of animal shelters where they have been able to convert to no kill…and HSUS refuses to practice the no kill philosophy – THEY ENCOURAGE AND ACCEPT DEATH OF DOGS & CATS IN SHELTERS!!!! How in the heck is THAT HUMANE??????????????

    • Does the HSUS actually operate or support shelters? I support my county Humane Society and they are not affilitated in any way with the HSUS. They get no money from the national organization and, as a friend of the shelter director, I know they get frustrated that local people often send money to HSUS to “save the dogs and cats” yet none of that money helps any local animals. My local shelter does euthanize animals – those that are violent or too sick to save. I do know they put down very few animals. I’m not trying to defend the HSUS, because I think they are extremists; however, I’m not sure it’s fair to say they support shelters that kill animals because I don’t think they support animal shelters at all. I may be wrong, but I know this is true in my area.

      • You are correct in that HSUS does not support any of the local Humane Societies. Originally at HSUS conception there was a 60/40 split with the local Huamne Societies…but as time has gone on and HSUS has become more popular and one of the most stable, in a financial sense, animal organizations (based on their 2009 tax returns they are sitting on MILLIONS of dollars). I do know that they have a hand full of places they operate – there were taken over as the HSUS began to envelope other animal organizations within their ranks. Occassionally they have given “grants” to shelters – but those instances were few and far between. The only TRUE support that is offered to local shelters is in becoming a “shelter-partner” with HSUS. Unfortunately – being a shelter partner seems to be more one-sided and that the HSUS benefits more from this partnership – they charge shelters a whopping $25k to do a shelter evaluation, which is something they should be doing free of charge…each dollar the- shelter spends cuts into their operating costs and as a result decrease the number of animals they can proved shelter for….which in turn results in more deaths because they don’t have the funds to provide care for the animals. It is a vicious cycle – and in my opinion an unneccessary burden to place on our already stretched shelters. The only time I see support – it in NEVER in any financial way – but they will argue on behalf of shelters that the shelters HAVE to euthanize animals – which we are finding is NOT true because there are many shelters/rescues adopting the no kill philosophy and proving that by changing mindsets we are able to decrease the amount of animals killed and find homes for the other thousands of animals in their care. So it is fair to say the while they do not financially support shelters – they do support the shelters methods and over use of euthanization to control animal populations rather than pushing for shelters to change their way of thinking and encouraging them to work with their communities to save more animals. In my opinion IF HSUS actually went back to the 60/40 split instead of giving themselves high salaries and utilizing the majority of their funds to promote legislative action – it would help take some of the financial burden off of the shelters and allow them more wiggle room where they can make needed updates to their facilities and be able to work more on saving the animals instead of having to decide which ones to kill today.

        By the HSUS “using” the Humane Society in their name and showing the commercials of abused & neglected animals – they are misleading the general public into thinking that the money they send in is actually going to the shelters that do the hands-on caring of animals. So when people hear that their local Humane Society is struggling financially these people in the community are trying to figure out why this is the case when they send in their donations monthly to HSUS and the HSUS “claims” to have 11 million supporters – so the general public thinks that with so many supporters giving the same amount (roughly $20 a month) that would mean the HSUS gets $275 million yearly…and with the 60/40 split it would equal $165m/$110m….just imagine how many animals could be helped with that!

  13. Well that is an interesting idea…too bad almost 200,000 people are supporting those quesitons and WANT answers to them FROM HSUS! So try again….Everyone keeps going back to HumaneWatch.org – and here’s the thing most people who now utilize HW.org had already been against HSUS and were happy to find a group of friends who felt the same and those number continue to grow. How’s those numbers at your “group”?????

  14. Actually that is a bit backwards…the forum was created and THEN HSUS swooped in and worked on backroom deals with Ohio leaders…leaving the people out of the decision on this.

    “Get over it. If you can’t farm humanely then get another line of work.”

    Well how interesting, considering I am NOT a farmer. And do tell – have you ever stepped foot on a farm, or are you going by the same spliced videos that are used over and over again to promote this cruel agenda that HSUS has of attacking people’s farms? Here’s the thing – HSUS is not a panel of experts on any level, about anything. Period. They think they are. They tell you they are…but they just spread themselves all over the place and expect people to blindly follow…not me! I have no problem with humane farming…I DO have a problem with an outside group of non-experts telling farmers that have been around for years..heck in Ohio I know of farms that get handed down generation after generation…probably longer than HSUS has been around. Instead of blindly following them – maybe you should think about a few things yourself. Like – do these “ideas” HSUS has in regards to farming actually help the animals? Many times the answer is no. In fact you can go back to Prop 2 in California…HSUS keeps talking abotu how the eggs are cage free….but that’s not true. How about the fact that farmers KNOW what they are doing – they’ve been doing it for years. AND the farmers I know aren’t about to mistreat their bread & butter. Stop drinking the kool aid.

    • No Erica you’ve got it wrong. Issue 2 was created and financed by ag interests in the hopes of keeping HSUS out of Ohio. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) successfully got reforms enacted in 7 states (California, Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Maine, Michigan, and Oregon). The HSUS had meetings with these state farm bureaus and reforms were negotiated. The HSUS then reached out to the Ohio Farm Bureau to start a dialogue about phasing out certain confinement practices. The Ohio Farm Bureau refused to negotiate, being the corporate shills they are. Instead, the Ohio Farm Bureau with the financial backing of industrial ag pulled an preemptive maneuver by getting a constitutional amendment (Issue 2) on the ballot,
      which they hoped would stymie any meaningful reform. So sorry Erica, get your chronology right.

      • Actually numerous newspapers carried the vist of Mr. Pacelle himself last Feb. He came to Ohio and Told the Gov/OFBF that it was either his way or the ballot way. That is far from “productive conversation”, that is strong armimg. If you want someone to work with you, don’t come into their house and start demanding your way.

        It’s not that farmers are inhumae to their animals, we all know there a animal abusers out there but not every farmer is one. If the industry is so bad then why video from only 1 farm? Why did MFA have to splice in video from farms that weren’t even in Ohio for their grand Veal video? If MFA, HSUS, OHF and the rest are so concerned about Animal Welfare, and know all about the abuse, why not report it to USDA, ODA? Why go tell the local sheriff, all they are going to do is report it USDA and/or ODA, who oversee AGRICULTURE. They don’t report it because it doesn’t exist, the abuse isn’t there.

      • The livestock standards board was created in 2009 when Ohioans voted to establish the board on the principle that animal welfare in Ohio should be determined by Ohio authorities and not outside activist groups like HSUS, which is an activist group headquartered in Washington, D.C., that advocates be vegetarianism. You can read further about it here: http://www.feedstuffs.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=F4D1A9DFCD974EAD8CD5205E15C1CB42&nm=Breaking+News&type=news&mod=News&mid=A3D60400B4204079A76C4B1B129CB433&tier=3&nid=B6A8023426CF4801AF53E076C14291B5

        So, yes it was created to keep HSUS out of Ohio…but AFTER Ohioans voted on the group and put it in place….HSUS still wasn’t happy and that’s when they decided to do their dirty behind the scene deal. Meaning – HSUS took advantage of Ohio forming a group to keep HSUS out of Ohio instead of allowing our new board do their jobs and set the standards where Ohioans want it to be! Why would anyone in a manily ag state want HSUS involved in any of their dealings…especially when we’re losing some 700 farms a year already!

      • ya and it,s brain washed urban city type people that vote for prop.2 they don’t have no idea of what they voted on because of hsus’s brain washing on tv commercals. Isn’t that right???? Answer me.

    • How many times are animal abuse enablers, rationalizers and apologists going to be able to repeat the “spliced video” fairy tale and not be ashamed of that?

      • the truth is that they are spliced and the people that are taking the video are just as guilty as the person actually mistreating these animals. They are standing their and allowing to happen. Not even contacting the farm owner. Shame on the hsus.

      • “How many times are animal abuse enablers, rationalizers and apologists going to be able to repeat the “spliced video” fairy tale and not be ashamed of that?”

        First – it’s completely uneducated of you to start off your attck with the logica that if someone doesn’t agree with you then they must be an animal abuser. I am so sick of that. Unless you have proff to back of claims that all the people who disagree with HSUS are animal abusers then it seems to me that you are guilty of harrassment.

        Second – there is nothing to be ashamed of. HSUS uses spliced videos all the time. In fact if you watch some of them you’ll notice the same “farms” being shown in multiple videos…..maybe you should do some digging around and you’ll see this for yourself instead of just going by what you hear out of HSUS’s mouth!

  15. Reading these replies to what I consider great progress for animal care in Ohio, a state I have lived in for over 34 years, most of it very enjoyable until Park Farms set up their CAFO 500 feet west of my home. Our family are Farm Bureau members, our girls grew up in 4H and my husband and I were 4H leaders in Wisconsin. Having been a Real Estate Broker in Wisconsin I was attuned to the laws governing wetlands. I was also tuned to the laws that protected properties. Reading the signs at the corner of State Street and Ravenna Ave.(Route 44) stating zoned for your protection, I believed this to be factual.

    What it failed to state was there were no laws covering the situation that impacted our home. Mr. Pastore of Park Farms has deep pockets and when he chose to move his ten poultry buildings from where the permits were given to him for No.Preston Rd. Marlboro, Ohio, all officials in the state looked the other way. It is the only one of his sites not named for the street on which it is located. Add to this the recent fire which destroyed one of the poultry buildings with the fumes impacting my home creating burning to my eyes from the fumes, and I would ask all of you is this really representative of the livestock industry in Ohio? No one knew this fire was at the North Preston site of Park Farms as it was put out by the Marlboro Police Dept it was an A & J Farm, the corporation set up for Tax purposes for the 70 poultry buildings in the Marlington School District.

    Most other states have dssignated these operations to be commercial, Ohio and the Farm Bureau refuse to do this. Research this in a book by Neil Hamilton, laws governing livestock operations and you will see what I mean. Again I ask? Is this representative of Farm Bureau? Ask the Stark county Farm Bureau how many times I have called to complain. The complaints fell on deaf ears a greassroots organiation only in the eyes of the folks in Columbus. Now Jack Fisher claims he is ready to listen. My question is, but will you hear Jack. In 22 years you have never heard the voices of my family or even acknowledged the complaints. When you cannot sell your home for its market value, this is not indicative of having a “Good Neighbor”, it is indicative of a neighbor running roughshod over a Farm Bureau’s member and their personal property rights, choosing instead to protect the interest of an industrial farm.

    These are industries folks with deep pockets as does Nationwide/Farm Bureau. I welcomed HSUS as I felt, as a poor victim they might be able to right a terrible wrong, which I have lived with. The five original homes on the east side of Ravenna Ave. are zoned residential. Did that stop Park Farms, Nada!

    The only good thing to come from this is the experience of meeting Mark Forni, Asst. Ag director. He came to my home acknowledged it was wrong and is trying to help me. Kevin Elder of the Ag Dept did not know that mail could be forwarded? What a joke. The renewal permits were not sent, as he did not know where to send them. I would suggest he needs to find another job. I consider as I was unaware, being in Vermont, recuperating from a spiral fracture of the femur, these permits be revoked. Perhaps in that way it will get Jack Fisher’s attention and he will do the right thing by me, fight for my rights or better yet submit a “friend of the court” as he has done in so many of the cases I have attended.

    Get on with a two tier system of livestock industry, those requiring permits having the permission of the townships housing them, pay taxes on their sales, no abiltity to set up business in anything other than an agriculturely zoned area, and have complete environmental oversight. We do not want any further destruction of the waters in Ohio like Grand St Marys the District I am told, which the new Ag. Director represented.

    If we do these things it will be a great place for all to live compatibly. Right now it is a war zone.

    • I am sorry to hear of your experiences, but is it really fair to penalize all farmers in Ohio based on what a few do. Most of Ohio farms have been around for hundreds of years and they do things the right way. It would be like making the statement that because a person owns a pit bull, due to the misinformed media, it automatically means that dog will be fought. If there are ordinances in place where you live and they were not followed then you have every right to complain and see that things get fixed. BUT you also need to remember that Strickland is the one who intiated the entire thing with HSUS…..when we voted through State Issue 2 – we put a group in place to handle farming & see that things were being taken care of properly. It was, what I hoped, a step in the right direction. Unfortunately the HSUS took advantage of this new group and used their “influence” to force people’s hands because they were afraid of another ballot initiative. With this being a democracy that gives us the right to decide, by majority vote what we want to see happen in our state. With the reigns of control being handed over in January I know things will change. I am sure our new state reps and such will be more open to listening to what you have to say. They appear to be a group of people that truly does what Ohio’s majority want. I must stress that HSUS is an AR group and it doesn’t matter what we do to appease them – they will still find ways to turn around and change things to their way once they get their foot in the door…and this we must not allow. They’ll start with farms and then slowly begin to extend their influence to other areas – like breeders, pet owners, etc. You should address your concerns to the proper people and do follow-up to ensure they have read/seen your letters.

      • Erica, neither the ballot initiative nor the compromise will penalize all farmers. The compromise will only affect farmers who use gestation crates or veal stalls, and it gives them 15 years to phase out gestation crates, which is a very long time. The equipment only lasts 15 years. It gives them 7 years to phase out veal crates, which is what the American Veal Association also recommends. The compromise does not affect farmers who use battery cages because there is no phaseout. There is only a moratorium so new battery cage operations can’t come into the state and do to other people’s property what Park Farms did to Mary Gibson’s. And if you don’t use veal crates or gestation crates, you are not affected.

        Second, the humane farms initiative WAS democracy at work. Thousands of volunteers across the state gathered over 500,000 signatures in just three months, a state record. Strickland brokered the compromise because he did not want a nasty campaign battle breaking out in the middle of his re-election campaign. If Kasich scraps the agreement, thousands of volunteers are ready to go back for more signatures, put the initiative on the ballot, and campaign for its passage.

        Third, the slippery slope argument that you and so many others bring up is ludicrous. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the HSUS is trying to get its foot in the door to push for more reforms. Currently it has agreed to 15 years just to phase out gestation crates, and no phase out of battery cages. These are VERY modest steps. What’s next? 20 years to phase out beak trimming? 25 years to phase out tail docking? 30 years to phase out disbudding? Please. At this rate it will be the year 2500 before they can propose the meatless petless society you are so worried about.

        Besides, if the HSUS did want to propose further reforms, it would have to come back to Ohio, organize thousands more volunteers, run another campaign, and get 500,000 more signatures. Believe me, the HSUS has other priorities than to push one ballot initiative after another in the same state. These initiatives are very costly, and although it’s a large organization, the HSUS does not have the budget to pay for that.

        Finally, the reforms they are proposing right now are very modest and supported by the majority of Ohioans. The reason the HSUS has traction is that most people support what they are proposing. But if they were to propose something more radical in the future, they would lose this popular support. And if they put a proposal to outlaw meat or pets on the ballot, even I will join you in voting against it.

  16. Attacking the messenger of HumaneWatch does not change the message – truth. Try attacking the message and the lies are shot down, likely reason you go after the messenger.

    When an animal rights organization hires out-of-state help to get signatures, many by deceptive means, there is more of a problem with THAT organization than those you attack. Many Ohioans are learning about these tactics daily. For those unable to see past their own noses – take care of your own and quit forcing your garbage on others. If you don’t like how farm animals are raised, raise your own. If you don’t believe eating meat is humane, don’t eat it. You have those choices and no one here is working to take those from you.

    • Amen, Amy NOT K….I have been saying that ALL along – IF CCF, Rick & David (HumaneWatch) – were removed from the equation then we still have this corrupt organization (HSUS) that is misleading donors, misusing funds, and splicing together video that they use over-and-over to make people think there is abuse on farms…but they NEVER show the enitre video OR who taped it…and we all know that 9 out of 10 times the person taping is also taking part in the abuse! Anyway – Even if we didn’t have HumaneWatch there would be another group out there still spreading the truth about the HSUS!

  17. DOn’t all you people out there think Amyk doesn’t have a leg to stand on she is a hsus loving person that just can’t make us see the light umm – I wonder why?

    • Well, let’s see – she ample time on her hands to respond to each and ever post on here…I’m willing to bet she is also the one who started SHW (which would be why she sent Keith there for his “answers” to the questions he’s asked of HSUS)….my guess would be that she is a paid HSUS employee. And I find it utterly hilarious that she is being so nice on here but on SHW they all act like jerks against anyone who disagrees with them. In fact – just yesterday some person on their SHW page spent the entire day commenting on how many times I posted! Talk about too much time on your hands! But so glad that I am irritating people to the point that the keep my name in their mouth…..But then again – most of the people posting on here are already aware of what is going on behind the scenes with HW & SHW! I say bring the ballot measure…AMY K….only this time double check and make sure that the signatures are of true Ohioans, and that none of them are dead, AND make double sure that these people KNOW what they are signing for – because I am going to make it my civic duty to tell people the TRUTH. Just like I did when they came campaigning around here about Strickland. Those poor signature gatherers walked away thinking about what I said – in fact one of them came back to my house a few weeks later and she was now working for Kasich!

      • I am witnessing childish arguments on both sides of this equation. It is sad that none of you saw the hell that my family has been put through as the result of the look the other way for a livestock operator with deep pockets. If all Farm Bureau members were going through what we have there would be no Farm Bureau. It is too bad as an organization Farm Bureau chose the side of the poultry operation of Park Farms instead of taking the position who was there first and persuaded Park not to destroy the peaceful enjoyment of our home. As my neighbor remarked prior to moving away from the problems, we no longer have homes, only shelters. Welcome to the world of the caring livestock industry.

      • Mary it is not fair to judge ALL by what one group has done. If you were unsuccessful in getting someone to listen to you – it would be because the recent government in Ohio was supportive of what was going on. I think you will find things change when the new Gov & Jim Zehringer in general get involved. Have you tried to contact either person directly and speak with them about what is happening? I would also look inot zoning….because it could be that some of your local lawmakers changed zoning to allow Parks to move in that area. My suggestion to you is that you need to go through the proper channels – and I would rely heavily on the new government officials taking over in January to do this…as you can tell the out going officials backed agreements made without constituents opinions in mind.

      • Erica, I hate to disappoint you, but I have not responded to every post here (just look) and didn’t know about this one until someone messaged me. Of further disappointment to you, I did not start Stop Humanewatch (though I love whoever did), and I’m not a paid employee of the HSUS, just a donor and supporter who helped collect signatures during the first campaign and will do it again if I have to.

        Obviously not all of the signatures will be valid, which is why we collected 500,000, well over the number needed, and we will collect even more next time. (We also won’t need as many next time because the turnout for the last governor’s election was smaller.) Sure, go tell people your “truth.” I spent time with each and every person who signed to show them the exact wording of the ballot measure and answer any questions. Frankly, it’s a lot of hard work, but I’ll do it willingly for the simple reason that I think animals should be able to stand up, lie down, turn around and spread their limbs. That’s all. And when most people see what the ballot measure actually entails — not the petless, meatless bogeyman you like to put out there — they sign. Like it or not, most people care the welfare of animals, even animals used for food.

        As for having a lot of time on one’s hands, you are hardly the person to talk. If I’m not mistaken, Stop Humanewatch did an analysis that showed you are by far the most frequent contributor to HumaneWatch. You are also the most frequent contributor on this page and likely many others. Tell me, where do you get that kind of time?

      • Hmmmm….maybe I’m paid to sit at a computer and respond to stuff like this every day? Maybe I have a vested interest in these things and care enough? Maybe I am doing all I can to get the word out that HSUS is NOT what they lead people to believe they are? Go ahead and speculate on it….I feel so honored that SHW did a “numbers run” and I got in their top 15 (but just now found out that I am the most frequent comtributor – yeah me!)…like I said before – “so glad that I am irritating people to the point that the keep my name in their mouth.” That means I’m getting under people’s skin – and the only way that is possibly is if me speaking out is causing problems for them. Everyone can keep speculating about me….and wondering who I am and what I am. Ohioans are taking their state back from ANY grasp of the HSUS. Until HSUS practices what they preach – humane action on behalf of our animals….ALL of them….then I am going to continue. I’d love to get to sit down with Wayne and explain it all to him…but since I can’t I’ll speak on behalf of the millions of animals KILLED every year – you know the same sad, abused, mistreated animals that HSUS shows on their “$19 a day and you can help animals like these” commercials. As long as HSUS continues to accept that dogs & cats have to be killed – when in actuality they don’t – I’ll continue to speak out.

      • and then hsus and peta say a rats life is as valuble as a human childs life,you know animals are people too, I say BS to that! now you hsus people on hear try to denie that quote from hsus, thats plain stupid, don’t the rest of you good people agree?

      • You do understand that the money you donate does not ALL go to help any animal. You do understand that wayne himself said he wishes there were no domesicated animals. You do understand that Stop humane watch is a bunch of idiots that want you to send all of your money to the H$U$ and NOT your local shelter.
        I have read both pages and SHW is one of the most goofiest pages i have ever read.

  18. I hope every body knows that goerge bush sr. pasted a law that no group of people can make laws aginst people making a living off of animals, harrastment by ar gruops like hsus or peta,funds for animals

    is illeagal thats why the FBI was called in on the ark. case with the woman that had her horses taken away she ran a trail ride bus. you can read it on humanewatch check it out amyk, and everyone else how doesn’t know about it.

  19. All you have to do is look at what H$U$ did to other states when they got thier dirty, money grubbing mits on thier laws. California is going outta the poultry business. Other states are also going out of the poultry business. Many have started quitting the beef and pork industries thru out our country. Thier agenda has nothing what so ever to do with humane treatment of animals. They want a vegan world and will do anything to get it. They publicly stated thier agenda is the total abolishment of the animal agriculture in this country. And they wont be satisfied until they reach thier goal. Look at Wayne Pacelles attitude towards pet ownership..”One generation and out” was his exact words. The American people are being duped in by this animal rights fanatics and our children are being brainwashed in our schools by thier sick members who are teachers. The more regulations they put on the farmers they more will have to give up thier farms because of the high cost of doing farming is putting them out. And thats part of H$U$’s plan. Come on folks, wake up and smell the stinking coffee these fanatics are imposing on all of us, not just the farmers but all of us who depend on farming..

  20. Mary- I have read your issues you post about Ohio Farm Bureau and Park Farms for over a year, as you’ve posted to almost every farm related issue about it. You even got nasty with me about it during Issue 2, although I was sympathizing with your plight – just not against all farming as you thought I should be.

    I no longer do when you use it as a tool to hurt all animal owners in Ohio and sincerely wonder if someone has hijacked your name and what happened..just to put Ohio farmers down. How about we stick to the issue of what was written, hmm?

    Strickland will be out Jan. 9th and I am hoping with everything I have, the HSUS is shown the way to the airport to get back out of Ohio. There are not statistics or evidence of any kind to support the deal Strickland made with the HSUS. Throwing other animal ownership under the bus through OFB and other Ag interest organizations is wrong – you’ve only delayed their tactics. Yes, Mary, I too have an issue with OFB, but I won’t throw all others to the wolves with only regard to my own situation. A group effort to work on any Ohio problems, excluding HSUS as it is an animal rights organization, is more productive than being threatened by a man in a suit with no real affinity for animals. Wayne Pacelle – check it for yourself.

  21. AmyK I would like to know if you are the Amy. That called my home, and threatened to Blow up my home for writting letters about the Animal Rights Groups? Maybe you were the one that took three shots at my home in April of this year for speaking out against Animal Rights Groups in Ohio.

  22. So Amyj What would Karen Mitton, Wayne Pacelle,You or any other member of HSUS do if you had a mouse or a rat in your house Would you love and care for it let it bring its friends? Let the world know

  23. Nov 12th i saw the end of a man that has struggled with Parkinson’s for the last 20 years. I wouldn’t wish what i had to witness the last 20 years on anyone. To sit and watch your father waste away to the point he didn’t even know who you were 90% of the time. And people like HSUS want to stop the research to cure this. I believe if any of them would know what I have gone thru they would change their mind. As for Mr. Pacelle, I’m not sure that his cold heart would even care, for him it appears to be more about having his name in lights rather than actually caring about anything.

    Karen Minton, AmyK, HSUS I gained a new strength and reason on Nov 12th to fight you. I not only fight for myself and my fellow animal owners but now I fight you for my father and Millions like him so research can contine and hopefully a cure can be found.

    I wonder how many people in HSUS have to take insulin shots and if they realize that came through research so that they could live.

    • Keith – I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I too have been a care taker to people with various medical conditions over the years – Parkinson was one of the diseases, as was a heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, and many others. That is also one of the reasons why I started getting more vocal in my disagreements with HSUS. The medical advances that we have been able to make thanks to the scientists and animals that they have been able to use have helped some of those overcome their illness, while others have not been able to be cured and I had to watch them die a slow death…the most recent one was a young lady by the name of Faith – she had a cancerous mass in her brain – in a location where operation would have been impossible. Faith’s family went to the same church as mine and I was able to follow her day to day issues through a blog her kept right up until her last day. They are still trying to come to terms with her passing as she was just a child! Those who try to stop any progress that has been made over the years have become bolder in their actions and trying to stop medical advances that could save countless lives. I will never understand how anyone can take a stance against saving lives. I love all animals and know that the scientist who work with them do it with the utmost respect for the animals they use. To listen to HSUS or even PETA you would think the scientists were evil people that enjoy “torturing” animals when that is not the case. I am sure that there could be some that are not very nice to the animals – same as it is in anything in life – there are bad apples – but the majority should not be punished for those that are few and far between. Keep up the fight and know you have hundreds of thousands supporting your stance as well!

  24. An observation for debate from someone who likes eating meat and loves animals: This argument that it’s only a small minority of farmers and exotics and dog breeders who abuse animals, so don’t point the finger at all of us, reminds me of the Muslims are terrorists argument.

    I work with many Muslims and find them to be much like my Christian colleagues – some very devout, others barely religious; some very serious, some with wild senses of humors, etc. Yet, we repeatedly see terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists and the Muslim community cries “Islam is a religion of peace.” Thanks to my colleagues, I know this is true for most. Unfortunately the actions of a few taint the world view of their whole religion.

    Now, to relate that to the topic above, I live in a farm community and know most farmers and dog breeders are very responsible people who treat their animals well. They are angered when some bonehead is caught abusing animals or letting manure run into the creeks. Yet, like the moderate and liberal Muslim community, they only plead for us not to indict the whole community rather than rising to take on the bad actors in their community. So I say this: Farmers, it’s time to stand up and put sensible rules on the books. Let’s raise animal cruelty crimes to felony status, let’s require some air and water pollution controls on the largest farms, let’s make sure confined animals have room to move and aren’t fed huge diets of hormones and anitbiotics. It’s worth paying more for food to this consumer.

    Step up to the plate and quit whining. Get rid of the bad apples and the whole lot will smell better. Consumers are eventually going to speak with their wallets, with or without a push from the HSUS. I’m already buying my meat/eggs locally because I don’t trust the mass produced stuff that is in the grocery stores.

  25. Fact: The HSUS spends millions of dollars on companion animal care, and spends more than $20 million a year on our programs that support local animal shelters and provide direct care for domestic animals and wildlife. The HSUS actually provides direct care to more animals than any other group in the nation, and maintains five animal care centers, a national veterinary services program, and a national emergency response unit that rescues animals from all over the nation. They also spend millions preventing cruelty, and it’s that work that the Missouri Farm Bureau and other animal-use groups apparently do not like.

    • Sookie, HSUS spends less than 1% on direct help to local animal shelters, it is all laid out in the Tax Form. They charge mondy to local shelters for assistance. In tact, Dallas Newspaper reported that HSUS charged that shelter $25,000 a simple look over how the place was run.

    • Sookie –
      “millions of dollars on companion animal care, and spends more than $20 million a year on our programs that support local animal shelters and provide direct care for domestic animals and wildlife”

      …where did you get these “facts”? Because I have tried to find them and am unable to. I did however look at their tax forms for 2009 and dug through them. Most of the “grants” that I found being distributed went to organizations that board members & employees of HSUS actually sit on the board of directors for. You can google all the information for yourself – all you need to do is pull up their tax form for 2009 – if you can’t find it I can give you a link – and then begin googling the “organizations” that received financial assistance from HSUS – pull up their board/members/etc and you will see this as well. Most people would take that to mean they are moving money around to make it appear as being utilized for a good purpose – but did that org REALLY receive the money? Or was it pushed through to look that way so HSUS could use it to plump their cushy salaries & pension plans? There is quite a bit to question in regards to that.

      “…maintains five animal care centers, a national veterinary services program, and a national emergency response unit that rescues animals from all over the nation…”

      While I will give you that – as I have read that myself – it came by incorporating other groups into HSUS. BUT, something that needs pointed out is that while they “rescue” animals – those animals end up being dumped at a local shelter and that shelter does NOT receive a penny of funding from HSUS to assist in the financial burden of caring for those animals. Look at Michael Vick – after he had been charged HSUS began their fundraising campaign to raise money to help care of the dogs and puppies – but not ONE DIME went to the help of caring for the dogs – in fact once they were done with trial the HSUS wanted his dogs killed – even puppies that had been born after the raid. It wasn’t until there was a HUGE uproar over the unneccessary killing of these dogs. Once HSUS heard the huge outcry over this practice of killing animals that they no longer have a use for – they began to change their stance and have now put together a group that is trying to stop dogfighting – ironically enough using the biggest convicted dog fighter in the US to promote it. In fact – since Vick was re-instated the HSUS received a $50k “donation” and is encouraging Vicks association with HSUS – me thinks it is to reform his image so that he can once again be a successful football player…sadly this man is someone that children look up to – and now they see that someone who is a successful football play (or the like) can abuse the hell out of animals and get a slap on the wrist and get their career back – so the message that has been sent out is that it’s ok to do something horrid to animals (dogfights) and you will not only barely be punished but can go on to make millions. Since Vick has been with the Eagles in Philadelphia there are more dogfighting in Philadelphia than there was before Vicks started playing there. You can chekc it out on the 2010 Animal People Watchdog Report on Animal Charities – it is on page 18. And this is what it says: reported dogfighting incidences “tripled from 85 to 245 between 2004 and 2008, soared to 903” — appearing to me that there has been a HUGE increase in dogfighting not a decrease! Or we can look at Hurricane Katrina where they raised around $32m – spent $7m to “help” and took off with the rest. When the LA governor ordered an investigation into this – HSUS turned around and built them a new animal shelter totalling $1m…so that means out of the $32m that was raised only $8m was actually used for it’s intended purpose and HSUS got the rest to use as they please.

      “They also spend millions preventing cruelty”

      The millions that you claim they are using to prevent cruelty – would that be in the form of lobbying and legislature they attempt to put in place in each state? Because if that is the case then you also know that HSUS is under investigation by the IRS. This is just one of MANY articles about it – http://www.examiner.com/pet-training-in-orlando/humane-society-of-united-states-under-investigation-by-irs-for-misappropriated-funds

      “They also spend millions preventing cruelty, and it’s that work that the Missouri Farm Bureau and other animal-use groups apparently do not like.”

      It is not that we do not like animal cruelty – the problem arises when there are laws already in place to stop cruelty to animals…but not enough staff to handle the amount of cases that emerge each day. Those millions that are being spent to create the new laws could’ve been better used if it went to the shelters and to hire more investigators within the community to handle their own cases. HSUS is not a national animal police group. There is no reason why they need to put laws on the books when they already exist. Also you bring up Missouri in that comment…did you know that Missouri already has a wonderful program in place called Operation Bark Alert – that they implemented themselves and has had amazing results prior to HSUS ever setting foot in Missouri to push Prop B. You can google that as well and find a lot of information, but here is one of them – http://mda.mo.gov/animals/ACFA/barkalert/

      Nothing more needs said.

  26. False claim: The HSUS wants to eliminate pet ownership.
    Fact: The HSUS celebrates pet ownership, and has done so for all 56 years of its existence. While they certainly urge would-be dog owners to look to the pool of homeless dogs kept by shelters and rescue groups, they have instructions on their website and in their publications that encourage would-be dog owners to follow simple guidelines when they shop for a dog from a breeder. Your invoking of fabricated quotes or quotes taken out of context to misrepresent their positions is dishonest and defamatory. Every day at The HSUS, their staff bring their dogs to work—the action of committed and caring pet owners who celebrate their relationship with their animals. Indeed, The HSUS published the 2008 book, “Dogs at Work,” to guide companies in instituting this valuable opportunity to more employees. Their daily work is to celebrate the bond we have with pets, to help people find pets appropriate for their household, to help people keep their pets, or to find ways to reunite people with their pets.

    • Sookie: FACT – on the HSUS’s “Statement for Companion Animals” page, under the “Homelessness” section, it states: “We support the enactment and enforcement of animal control ordinances designed to regulate, deter, and reduce companion animal breeding … “. Here’s the link incase you don’t know how to get to it http://www.humanesociety.org/about/policy_statements/statement_companion_animals.html Prob B in Missouri did nothing to stop actual puppy mills, it only hurt the legit breeders that are already federally inspected and licensed (the world is still awaiting HSUS’s definition of a puppy mill because legit breeders are not puppy mills). The same as HSUS supported Senate Bill 95 right here in Ohio. Again, it only hurt legit breeders and does nothing to stop or deter non-licensed/non-regulated breeders. In FACT, SB95 would force legit breeders to tear down their kennels and rebuild at nearly 3 times the cost and create a kennel control authority at the tax payers expense.
      FACT – HSUS fully endorses and supports the National Spay and Neuter legislation because it would force breeders to spay and neuter the offspring, if they are all spayed and neutered guess what, bye bye companion animals….One generation and out….remember that statement? Oh that’s right, we keep taking that out of context, Wayne was only talking about Heritage Breed animals such as Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Turkeys and Horses.
      FACT – Most legislation HSUS supports or proposes only hurts legit, already licensed/inspected facilities and does nothing to stop the true criminals that actually cause animal suffering. Animal Owners/Breeders that are properly licensed/inspected are all about Animal Welfare and we give the animals the upmost care, vet checks, food, shelter, water and keep them safe.
      Sookie stated “Your invoking of fabricated quotes or quotes taken out of context to misrepresent their positions is dishonest and defamatory”, what quotes are fabricated? Wayne himself admits to the statement of One generation and out. Your representation of ALL ANIMAL OWNERS are ABSURERS is what is inflammatory. HSUS won’t even define what PUPPY MILL, POACHER or FACTORY FARM is, according to HSUS website, anyone that raises animals or hunts falls into 1 of these 3 categories, that is pure propaganda and totally inflammatory. If the HSUS is so concerned about animals, why do they not DONATE money to organizations that provide seeing eye dogs? Do you think just because a human is blind they can not care for a dog or is it because they are just being “used” for human profit?
      How about how unjust the HSUS is? Was an apology ever sent the Dog Breeder whose animals were seized illegally and then dumped off in a shelter where some died and some contracted disease? Was an apology ever sent to the Stable Owner where HSUS seized the horses and then dumped them off in a field with no water only to have the owner get them back through court?

  27. Well I have read all the comments here and I think HSUS need booted out of Ohio I think I will not renew my Farm Bureau Dues I will thing about joining the Ohio Association of Animal Owners I went to thier web site oaao.us This sounds like how we should be putting are money with to help fight the Animal Rights Groups I think they have what it takes to stand up for All animal owners from cows to cats Ohio needs to make a stand and stand as one To beat HSUS the OFBF is not standing for animal owners like they should we can’t look for them to help us they have turned their backs on animal owners in Ohio

    • Just wanted to say I have quite a few friends that belong to OAAO – and they ALL love it. I myself have been looking into the group. Thanks for posting about it…the more people that know about OAAO – the more that can join!


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