Longhorn ranch opens for public tours


BARNESVILLE, Ohio – Dickinson Cattle Co., a family-owned, working Texas Longhorn Ranch, opens its gates for public tours June 1 to Sept. 4.

Educational pasture tours will be offered hourly from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visitors can meet at the Welcome Pavilion each day and view championship Texas Longhorn steers, cows, calves and herd sires.

Other stock include Buelingo and an unusual African breed, Watusi. Guests can hand feed fish from the extended lake dock.

The tour will present educational information, historical facts, conservation and ecological planning.

Dickinson Cattle Company is a modern day ranch where coal was strip mined, then reclaimed. The elevation on Muskrat Creek is 920 feet with ridges up to 1,420 feet.

Guests in groups of 50 or more should have reservations.

The Visitors Welcome Pavilion is on Buelingo Boulevard, one mile south of Interstate 70 at exit 202, then 1.2 miles west on Muskrat Road. For more tour information, log on to www.texaslonghorn.com then advance to “DCCI Public Tours” or call 740-758-5050 or fax 740758-5114 for reservations.


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