Mandatory price reporting set to expire


WASHINGTON – Cattle producers across the nation can make sure their voices are heard and concerns are addressed as the Mandatory Price Reporting Law is set to be reauthorized.

Due to expire. Originally mandated by Congress in 1999, Mandatory Price Reporting – because of a sunset provision – is due to expire in October 2004 unless reauthorized.

To help prepare for the reauthorization process, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has prepared a Web-based survey for producers.

“The survey will help us gather the information that must be considered during reauthorization,” said NCBA Director of Legislative Affairs Bryan Dierlam.

Feedback needed. “As we begin the reauthorization process, producer feedback is critical to ensure the law works for the benefit of producers and provides producers with the information they need.”

All interested parties are welcome to take the survey. The information will be compiled for discussion at the NCBA Live Cattle Marketing Committee meeting at the annual convention in Phoenix in January.

Voice your opinion. To participate in the survey, click on the following link:

“Mandatory Price Reporting was developed to achieve more transparency in the marketplace and provide more information to producers,” said Bill Rhea, Nebraska cattle producer and chairman of NCBA’s Live Cattle Marketing Committee.

“As we look to next year’s reauthorization process, we want to be sure producers’ needs and concerns – as they relate to price reporting – are addressed.”


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