Manufactured homes dealt blow



I would like to comment on the decision of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling in favor of the City of Canton’s action against the state involving zoning preemption for permanently sited manufactured homes.

I am disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision. However, there is nothing that would stop Canton officials from joining other local governments in Ohio to provide access for their citizens to affordable manufactured homeownership. Unfortunately, the real everyday issue of affordable homeownership has been dealt a setback in Canton at this time.

The question the citizens of Canton must ask is why city officials are using their tax money to deny good people the opportunity to own affordable homes. Twenty-five percent of all new housing starts in this country are manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are built with the same building materials as any home. They are built to a strict national building and safety code and certified and inspected by the U.S. government.

Many people who own manufactured homes are hard-working people of modest incomes as well are retirees and first-time home buyers. Manufactured homes provide them with the opportunity to realize the American dream of owning a home.

Brad Morgan Sr.

North Canton, Ohio

(Morgan is president of Midwest Manufactured Homes.)

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