Middendorf estate auction eclectic


UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio – The Sept. 30 auction of the estate of Johanna Middendorf in suburban Cleveland, conducted by Mike Dinse, auctioneer, was studded with enough impressive antique furniture and furnishings to drew a good sized crowd of bidders who came for more than just curiosity.

Middendorf had been a musician, teacher, and stained glass artist, and her home was packed with unique and eclectic items.

There were hundreds of decorative bottles, flasks, and jars; lots of garden statuary and gargoyles; a variety of Oriental rugs; old instruments; hundreds of books on music, art, and history, and of course an impressive variety of stained and leaded glass windows and lamp shades.

The high selling leaded glass window went for $155. One of the table lamps with a leaded shade sold for $140.

High selling item was one of the Oriental rugs that brought $300. An old violin sold for $115, and a Singer sewing machine for $75. A box lot of Indian potters sold for $100; a set of English cups and saucers for $100, and a perfume bottle for $50.

On the more practical side there was an ergonomic chair which sold for $150.


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