Millport yearly weather report


MILLPORT, Ohio – The first four months of 2000, the temperature was above average, but starting in May each month was below average – making the average temperature for the year 47.4 degrees. The normal yearly average is 48.6.

January had five nights below zero and December had six, for a total of 11 below-zero days in 2000. On the other extreme, there was only one day – Sept. 2 (91 degrees) with a temperature over 90 degrees.

Snowfall in 2000 was below the normal average of 30 inches. More snow fell in January (8.3) than any other month. December had 7.0 inches, followed by February (5.5), March (4.4), November (1) and April (0.5).

Rainfall for the year totaled 41.39 inches, more than the normal average of 36.62. June was the wettest month with 6.22 inches, while 1.34 inches of rain fell in November.

There were seven months with above average rain. With so much rain and only one 90 degree day, farmers raised some of their best crops.

December 2000 was one of the coldest on record. The average temperature of 17.3 was well below the normal average of 29.4 degrees. It was the coldest December since 1982 when the average was 17.4.

Most of the month’s precipitation came in the form of rain, otherwise we would have gotten close to 20 inches of snow.

The average rainfall was 2.58 inches, average snowfall was 7.0 inches and the average sunshine was 30 percent. The high temperature for the month was 47 degrees, while the lowest night temperature was minus 10.

December 22 had the lowest average temperature of 2 degrees. December had six nights with temperatures below zero. December 1958 holds the coldest night temperature with minus 18 and minus 17 on the 10th and 11th.


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