Morrow County Fair livestock auction results


Sept. 1, 2008


Grand champion: Ashley Winters
Buyer’s bid: $2,500 Weight: 1,327 pounds
Buyer: Dale Lyman

Reserve champion: Nate Sherman
Buyer’s bid: $1,500 Weight: 1,138 pounds
Buyer: Huntsman Trucking

Beginner project champion: Cory Cooper
Junior project champion: Courtney Clinedinst
Intermediate project champion: Kyndall Williams
Senior project champion: Ashley Winters
Overall project champion: Courtney Clinedinst
Herdsman winners: Cory Cooper, Tyler Cooper, Makensie Smith and Casey Pearce


Grand champion: Emma Nicholson
Buyer’s bid: $5,000 Weight: 280 pounds
Buyer: William Sitterley

Reserve champion: Skylar Bright
Buyer’s bid: $1,100 Weight: 260 pounds
Buyer: Consolidated Electric

Beginner project champion: Derek Barker
Junior project champion: Mitchell Yake
Intermediate project champion: Abigail Bloom
Senior project champion: Josh Beck
Overall project champion: Josh Beck
Herdsman winners: Chaz Bloom, Kyle Hack and Jason Schindley


Grand champion: Evan White
Buyer’s bid: $900 Weight: 112 pounds
Buyer: Cooper Livestock Hauling

Reserve champion: Hunter Steck
Buyer’s bid: $1,100 Weight: 129 pounds
Buyer: Gaddis Livestock and Transportation

Beginner project champion: Katie Ritz
Junior project champion: Rebecca Freeman
Intermediate project champion: Evan White
Senior project champion: Lindsay Coleman
Overall project champion: Katie Ritz
Shepherds award: Harlee Steck and Shawn Bryant


Grand champion: Austin Welty
Buyer’s bid: $1,000 Weight: 78 pounds
Buyer: American Freight

Reserve champion: Adam Quinn
Buyer’s bid: $500 Weight: 82 pounds
Buyer: Consolidated Electric

Beginner project champion: Nathan Bird
Junior project champion: Grace Walker
Intermediate project champion: Mariah Carey
Senior project champion: Emilee Fraizer
Overall project champion: Emilee Fraizer
Junior herdsman: Nathan Bird
Senior herdsman: Brittany Kellet


Grand champion: Kameron Smith
Buyer’s bid: $500 Weight: 718 pounds
Buyer: Ramco Rental Inc.

Reserve champion: Jordan Rausch
Buyer’s bid: $500 Weight: 654 pounds
Buyer: Gerald Sipes and Son Milk Hauling

Beginner project champion: Andrew Madore
Junior project champion: Anne McElwee
Intermediate project champion: Brayden Barnett
Senior project champion: Steve Ruhl
Overall project champion: Andrew Madore


Pens of Three

Grand champion: Lindsey Wiseman
Buyer’s bid: $650
Buyer: Low Temp Refrigeration

Reserve champion: Sydney Gregory
Buyer’s bid: $400
Buyer: First Federal Bank of Ohio

Beginner project champion: Megan Oder
Junior project champion: Cory Slack
Intermediate project champion: Hannah Delp
Senior project champion: Nick Hayes
Overall project champion: Hannah Delp


Pens of One

Grand champion: Kayla Davies
Buyer’s bid: $300
Buyer: Kokosing Construction Co.

Reserve champion: Nick Kearns
Buyer’s bid: $325
Buyer: Morrow County Republican Party


Grand champion: Tristan Neviska
Buyer’s bid: $700
Buyer: Kroger

Reserve champion: Isaac Wine
Buyer’s bid: $400
Buyer: URSO Construction

Beginner project champion: Ben Hayes
Junior project champion: Reagan Neviska
Intermediate project champion: Brittany Kellet
Senior project champion: Tristan Neviska
Overall project champion: Reagan Neviska
Senior flockmaster: Tristan Neviska


Grand champion: Brandon Gabler
Buyer’s bid: $575
Buyer: King Realty

Reserve champion: Hailey Moore
Buyer’s bid: $500
Buyer: Burkett Design and MSA Architects


Grand champion: Hayley Crowe
Buyer’s bid: $300
Buyer: Morrow County Republican Party

Reserve champion: Morgan Hatfield
Buyer’s bid: $275
Buyer: Air Tab International


Grand champion: Sammie Shenefield
Buyer’s bid: $200
Buyers: Commissioner Olen Jackson and Tom Harden for Commissioner

Reserve champion: Dustin Drake
Buyer’s bid: $850
Buyer: Vaughn and Donna Robinson

Grand and Reserve Champion livestock projects

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